Ice Agents monitor Voting Stations Arresting Illegal’s With Hope That It Will Decrease Voter Fraud

New evidence of Voter fraud being committed by the Democratic party have enraged Voters, and incited authorities to apprehend criminal figures who may be involved.

The one year undercover investigation involving  James O’Keefe called “Project Veritas Action” Uncovered allegations of illegal Immigrant’s being used to commit Voter Fraud. Ice Authorities in all of the States are on High Alert. Arrest are already being made.

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Information turned over to authorities by O’Keefe was accompanied by documentation of false names being used by illegal Voters. Police and others are on the lookout as widespread Voter fraud is beginning to happen.

There is also information that large amounts of illegals are being bussed to different Counties to commit Voter Fraud. The DNC has not responded to request for comments. The new pressure did incite Top Hillary advisor Bob Creamer to step down today in lieu of new allegations.

Top Democratic Operative Resigns From Clinton Campaign After Being Exposed By O'Keefe Investigation

Here is a link to 

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Ice Agents believe that by arresting illegals at the polls they will stop widespread Voter Fraud. Some may disagree but at least there are attempts being made. If you know of any incidents of Voter Fraud please report to your local authorities. 


ISIS Shoots At US Helicopter – ISIS gets lit up. Entertainment for us who Hate the Islamic Cult.

In this video, some ISIS thugs try to shoot down an American helicopter, and they end up paying the ultimate price for this act.

According to Conservative Tribune, the video was shot through night vision goggles, and it opens with rapid gunfire directed at the U.S. helicopter. The aircraft manages to get away, but not before they drop a huge surprise on their ISIS enemies.

“Oh, that was an awesome shot!” someone can be heard yelling as the ISIS militants get EXACTLY what’s coming to them.

Nice try, ISIS, but you’re going to need to do better than that if you want to take on the U.S.

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