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Source: “Europe: Seizing Homes to House Muslim Migrants”

Idiot who draws on the experience of ONE PERSON to condemn an entire continent.
“In a deeply disturbing development in the Muslim invasion of Europe, Europeans are being forced from their homes to accommodate the invaders… Swedes’ homes may be confiscated to accommodate asylum seekers using obscure legislation from 1992, the “Threat and Risk Assessment Commission”… “German nurse shocked after being forced out of flat to make way for […]


First Switzerland, now the streets of Sweden and Germany have become Ground Zero for the war between Turkish and Kurdish Muslim migrants

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Shocking footage as bombs and violence break out in the streets as Turkish Muslims brawl with Kurdish Muslims. Wait until they get a hold of some guns!!!


Breitbart (h/t Emma)  In a sign of increasing unrest that continues to unfold across Europe, Turks and Kurds have taken to the streets of Sweden to fight one another, with makeshift explosive devices, and an outpouring of physical violence.

The site of the events being played out above is Sergels Torg, a large square in the centre of Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm. A demonstration that had been taking place on Sunday afternoon degenerated into violent clashes, reports one of Sweden’s larger newspapers, Aftonbladet.


Stockholm police spokesman Sven-Erik Olsson said police attempted to separate the warring factions. Aftenbladet‘s reporter on the scene, Victor Stenquist, said the police had to use batons to hold the groups apart and prevent a serious clash.

Police were forced to cordon off Klarabergsgatan, one of central Stockholm’s major commercial thoroughfares. In addition several entrances to the local branch of Åhléns, a chain of department stores in Sweden, had to be closed.

The police themselves became targets resulting in 13 people being arrested, two for assaulting a person who had to be taken to hospital. The incident in Sweden is only the most recent clash between Turks and Kurds on the streets of western Europe.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: Muslim-on-Muslim violence in the streets as police try to control the out-of-control Turks and Kurds, terrifying  anyone who happened to be in the area.

New Observer  The German city of Frankfurt was rocked on 9/11 by a mass brawl between Turks and Kurds, the first such event since the recent mass influx of Muslim invaders started. Knives, bottles, clubs, and other weapons were used in the all-out battle, which had to be suppressed by police in full body armor and riot gear.

TK 1

According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, the violence broke out after a march by the “Federation of Turkish Youth,” supposedly to commemorate “fallen Turkish soldiers” ran into a crowd of Kurds outside the city’s central railway station. Violence immediately erupted as the two groups of nonwhite invaders attacked each other in the continuance of their longstanding tribal war which has been raging for decades in eastern Turkey.

TK 2

Police confirmed at least five arrests and dozens of injuries as the fighting spread across the station platforms and the outlying streets, causing bystanders to flee in terror.

The Kurds are supporters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has been fighting an armed war against the Turkish government since 1984. The aim of that party is to create an independent Kurdish nation. The “open doors” immigration and asylum policy adopted by the European Union has now served to import this struggle into the heart of Europe.

SWITZERLAND: Turks use vehicle jihad to plow down Kurds in the street.

Turks and Kurds have been at each others throats for years, reflecting the age old hatred Turks have for the Kurds. Now the Turks seem to be stepping up their street brawls by running down Kurds with cars. Coming soon to a European Muslim sanctuary city near you.

Let the Muslims kill each other, it will be no loss to anyone. Not even their own communities or Countrie. What happened to the welcoming committee??? Guess they couldn’t handle the ingrates attitudes.