Netanyahu considers barricading Arab Muslim because of escalating wave of Palestinian terror attacks- Video

RELENTLESS Palestinian terror attacks continued to strike in the capital on Tuesday, with three more attacks causing multiple Israeli casualties, including three Israeli citizens who were murdered.


United With Israel  In one incident, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed an Israeli victim at the entrance to the city. He was shot and neutralized by Israeli security forces shortly after.

Dramatic footage has been released of a Palestinian terrorist attacking an entire police unit with a knife. The speed of the attack is shocking, having clearly caught the officers by surprise before the terrorist was shot dead.

Simultaneously, a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into pedestrians on Malchei Yisrael Street in the center of town and then assaulted his victims with a butcher’s meat cleaver. Four Israelis were wounded, one of them died of his wounds. According to initial reports, an Israeli motorist who witnessed the attack rammed his car into the terrorist, neutralizing him.

In the third and most severe incident, two Palestinian terrorists fired on the number 78 bus at the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, causing multiple casualties. They proceeded to stab and wound other victims. Palestinian Arab terrorists boarded a public bus in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning and began a bloody assault that left two people dead and another 15 wounded, eight of whom remain in serious-to-critical condition.

One Israeli, in his 60s, succumbed to his wounds and died. Another victim succumbed to his wounds and died shortly after. At least 12 Israelis were wounded; three in critical condition, and four in serious condition. Both terrorists were shot by security forces. One died, and the second was critically wounded.  Police say they are 22-24 years old.


This complex attack is unprecedented in the terror wave of the last month. According to Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat, the attack was well organized, carried out by a terror cell and was not the work of a so-called “lone wolf.” Armon Hanatziv is adjacent to the Arab neighborhood of Jabl Moukabr, which has been the source of several terror attacks.


Elsewhere, five Israelis were wounded in two separate terrorist stabbings in the central town of Raanana. In both instances, the attackers were Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem.

Tuesday’s wave of attacks come just a day after several serious terror incidents in Jerusalem, one of which left a 13-year-old Jewish boy fighting for his life after being assaulted by two knife-wielding Arab teenagers from the adjacent neighborhood.


A senior security official told The Jerusalem Post that the series of attacks increasingly appears to be “a planned and timed assault.”

In a fourth incident, Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian terrorist who assaulted them at the Damascus Gate at the entrance to the Old City. These are the seventh, eighth and ninth Palestinian terror attacks Israel has experienced in the past 24 hours.

Hamas expressed joy after the string of attacks, lauding the terrorists as “heroes.” The Palestinian Authority remains silent (Earlier PA leader Mahmoud Abbas had been encouraging the terror attacks against Israelis).



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Source: Excuses, and why America is doomed to see further bloodshed | hampshire Hog

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