NETHERLANDS: Housing for Muslim invaders is attacked by a group of about 20 angry young Dutch men

Putting up signs that read: “Close the borders, Dutch folk first,” a group of young men between 19 – 35 years old, tore down fences, threw firebombs and eggs at the sports center being transformed into an accommodation center for Muslim freeloaders. This was the first attack of its kind and won’t be the last.


GERMANY: There’s a new anti-Islamization party in Germany and its filing charges against Chancellor Angela Merkel for ‘human trafficking’

alternative-fuer-deutschland-logo-2013-svgA new popularist right wing party, Alternative für Deutschland, said it would seek to have Chancellor Angela Merkel prosecuted for people trafficking, because she opened the country’s borders to hundreds of thousands of Muslim illegal aliens a month ago.

DMF  (h/t Susan K) The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) [Alternative for Germany, a party similar to UKIP] intends to file a criminal complaint against Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in relation to the federal government’s asylum policy.


“Frau Merkel has acted as a people-trafficker,” said the deputy party leader Alexander Gauland, referring to the federal government’s decision at the start of September to allow thousands of refugees in Hungary to travel to Germany.

At the same time the AfD leader demanded an immediate stop to the acceptance of asylum applications. “Accommodation that respects human dignity” could no longer be guaranteed, said the party leader Frauke Petry in justification of the demand.To limit the influx, Petry also called for refugees’ right to family reuinification to be ended. The borders should be controlled temporarily and closed to people without visas, she said.

Germans hate Merkel but Muslim jihadists love her now

The CDU, which is the Bavarian sister party of Merkel’s party, the CSU, is also rebelling against her lunatic course of action.

The Bavarian minister president Horst Seehofer threatened on Friday to start turning refugees back at the Austrian border. “We need to take emergency measures to stem the flow of refugees, for example turning them back at the Austrian border or sending asylum seekers immediately on into other German states,” Seehofer said to Bild. 

New Observer  Opposition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s treasonous promotion of the nonwhite invasion of Europe is mounting: this week, she faced protests in the European Parliament, an increased number of public protest meetings in cities around Germany, and the beginnings of a full-scale rebellion from within her own party.


Earlier this week, while addressing the European Parliament in Strasburg with French president Francois Hollande, Merkel was confronted with a protest banner reading “Merkel, Hollande: you betrayed Europe!”

The protest banner was unfurled by Hungarian Jobbik party Members of the European Parliament Krisztina Morvai and Zoltán Balczó, both famous for their strident remarks in defence of European sovereignty and Hungarian freedom.

Their protest caused a stir in the parliament proceedings, briefly interrupting Merkel’s address which contained a call for Europeans to accept the nonwhite invasion of their ancestral homeland.


At home in Germany, an increasing number of protest meetings—attended by thousands—are being organized across the country. The most recent was held in the city of Erfurt on Thursday October 8, when at least 8,000 attended an Alternative für Deutschland rally called to protest the invasion. The crowd was nearly double the size which had attended a similar protest meeting the previous week.

By way of contrast, a counter demonstration in support of the nonwhite invasion was attended by a paltry 600 people, even though it was addressed by the leader of the Green Party in the German parliament.

In Dresden, the third-largest city in the former East Germany, tens of thousands continue to attend the weekly rallies organized by the anti-Islamification group Pegida.


New Observer Despite controlled media coverage pretending that ordinary Germans welcome the nonwhite invasion of Europe, in reality they are opposed to it and want the invaders deported, some German politicians have admitted.

The admission has emerged in the infighting aftermath within the German coalition government’s about turn over its “open borders” policy—even though these same politicians deliberately forced through “refugee” policies which they knew the German people opposed.

The first indication that this grand coalition had cracked over Merkel’s declaration that Germany would accept “unlimited” numbers of nonwhite invaders, came with the surprise announcement on Sunday September 13, that the German border with Austria was being closed.


Significantly, the announcement was made by the German Interior Minister, and not by Merkel who, as late as Friday, September 11, was still insisting that anyone was welcome in Germany.

However, CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who is also Prime Minister of Bavaria, was the first to attack Merkel, calling her decision to allow the invasion an “unparalleled historical mistake.”

Seehofer told Der Spiegel magazine: “It was a mistake that will occupy us for a long time yet. I see no possibility of putting the cork back into the bottle.”


The mood of the population is already nearing tipping point, and we cannot afford that. The public wants it stopped and rejected asylum seekers to be deported. We must not overburden the citizenry’s tolerance.”

The controlled media has continually tried to present the German people as welcoming the invasion, relying on images of a few hundred far-leftist fanatics applauding arriving invaders at Munich railway station. However, both in official opinion polls and on social media, the true voice of the German people has been heard.

A Eurobarometer opinion poll conducted in February this year found 71 percent of Germans opposed Third World immigration outright, and 45 percent wanted illegal immigration into the EU “counteracted at both EU and national levels.”



The Oregon Coward murderer. Yesterday’s Moderate Muslim is Today’s Radical Islamist!!! Internment Camps For Muslims

This is why we need Internment Camps for Known Islamic Minority. Contain or Deport Them.

ISIS-flagThe mainstream media didn’t think that information about Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer’s Islamic connections were important enough to mention. (See link below). But now, evidence of a purchase he made online of the flag of the Islamic State (ISIS) has been found.

Harper-Mercer goes by the User Name IRONCROSS and left a comment about his purchase of an ISIS flag .

“Exactly what I was looking for. I really like the quality. Great product, thanks! I will continue to make purchases from this company. I am very impressed. I WILL be back against soon. A+++++++ Seller. He also answered my questions quickly and satisfactorily. Received quickly, will be back for more purchases.”





While there is no evidence that Harper Mercer had any direct connections with ISIS, ISIS sings his praises as a hero for killing Americans:

The tweet reads:

Again #Oregon #USA #WashingtonDC #IslamicState #ISIS #USA

A meme that states “Slay Americans” in front of a man being beheaded is also visible….


GERMAN RESISTANCE TO MUSLIM INVASION in streets chanting: “Putin to Berlin, Merkel to Siberia”

The anti-Islamization PEGIDA patriots come out to protest Chancellor Angela Merkel’s treason for opening the floodgates to upwards of a million Muslim freeloaders, rapists, thugs, and potential ISIS terrorists. They would gladly exchange her for Vladimir Putin.


WASHINGTON POST study concludes that most Americans see Muslims as “less than human”

And WAPO needed to waste time and money doing a study to learn that? Doesn’t Muslim behavior in America and around the world quickly lead to that same conclusion?

ISIS Video Obama

Washington Post  When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock to school, he probably expected accolades, not arrest. But that’s what happened to the ninth grader, who was pulled out of class, questioned by police then brought (in handcuffs) to the station for fingerprinting and questioning. He wasn’t even allowed to call his parents.


Hey, Ahmed. You DIDN’T build that! You SHOULD have been arrested, but for plagiarism.

Now, it has come out that Little Ahmed, the so-called “Muslim boy genius,” didn’t invent or even build anything. He took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation. It’s a Radio Shack model from the 1970’s. See it HERE

And then there’s this: real-story-istandwithahmed


What could explain why school officials saw a bomb, not a science project? Why did police see a terrorist-in-training? Our research suggests a simple but troubling answer — they might not have seen him as fully human.

Dehumanization is a phenomenon by which people see others as somehow “less than human.” Psychologists have linked this perception with everything from perceiving others as primitive and backward to seeing the dehumanized as savage, and aggressive.


In a recent set of studies, we assessed this perception in the most explicit terms possible. We showed 1,065 American participants photos of the “ascent of man” image and asked them to rate (on a 0 to 100 scale) how “evolved” they perceived different groups to be. A score of 100 corresponds to an image of a modern “full human,” and a score of 0 corresponding to an image of an ape-like human ancestor.


Evolution of Islam

Figure 2. Shows the evolution from fighter to Refugee, They eat a lot of KFC. Turn into fat pigs but they are still ISIS. “This is my personal model that I use I think it’s just as effective as Figure 1”

Figures that pro-Islamic jihadist Facebook owner would want to meet this little terrorist in training

Most importantly, dehumanization is associated with less sympathy and more aggression. For example, in one study, we gave participants a story about two children (one Arab Muslim, one white) caught shoplifting in a store. The police detained the Arab Muslim child but sent the white child home. Those who dehumanized Arabs and Muslims were less likely to feel sympathy towards the Arab Muslim child.


Even more troublingly, we observed that dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims was associated with supporting highly aggressive policies such as drone strikes in the Middle East and torture of Arabs and Muslims. Across our work, dehumanization tends to be associated with aggressive responses even when we statistically account for individuals’ dislike of Arabs and Muslims, suggesting that dehumanization has a unique influence.

As it should be!

Our results have troubling implications. By dehumanizing members of certain groups, we see them as more threatening and aggressive. (No, actually, it’s the other way around)

This might help explain how an innocuous fake experiment became a menacing threat. By framing innocent actions as dangerous— and responding accordingly—we create a perception among those we treat this way that they are seen as animals. “It made me feel like I wasn’t human,” Ahmed said yesterday in a video interview. (If the headrag fits…)

Now that is alarming. (No, it isn’t, it’s reassuring)


Muslims, we found, are the most readily dehumanized groups. Our American participants rated Muslims about 12-15 points lower than Americans on our scale (they were rated over 20 points lower in a smaller sample of British participants). Consistent with the idea that dehumanization is driven by a sense of threat, we found that dehumanization of Arab (Muslims) was greater in the days after the Boston Marathon attacks.

Figures that pro-Islamic jihadist Facebook owner would want to meet him


ISIS grooming methods similar to child molesters: ASIO

Islamic State supporters are seducing Australian youth in a process akin to pedophilic grooming, the head of the country’s security agency warns.

ASIO Director-General of Security Duncan Lewis said there were about 120 young Australians fighting with the extremist group in Syria and Iraq, with others radicalised through “insidious” online manipulation.

“The youngest ones we have are down around 14 years of age (and) they are being groomed with a technique that is not dissimilar to child molestation,” he told a luncheon in Brisbane on Friday.

They are Child Molesters! They are instructed to emulate the “prophet” Mohammed. They have been Raping Children, Sodomizing young boys. It’s what they do, It is who they are.


I am American. Just needed to say for myself and the millions of others in America… We Love Australia! You people are amazing, get the scum out of your Country. We can all do something, this is what I do. Until the War arrives here than I fight. – Islamacide