U.S. Veterans I Salute you! Thank you for the sacrifices you have given to defend our Country,  Citizens, and Constitution. Thank you for the services you still are willing to provide.


God only know what many of you have gone through, may he ease any suffering you may endure!


For those who have lost loved one’s may their death be a reminder to us all that we can never forfeit the freedoms they died for!


If you feel thankless for the service you provided for our Country, never forget there are those of us who will always remember the men and women who have served, and who are fighting for us now.


When you see a U.S. Flag being burnt know that those who will burn the flag are our enemies. Never forget the flag is not just flown, for some it is a Sacred Shroud that laid upon the casket of a loved one. To see it desecrated is the same as desecrating a graveyard or a corpse.


I salute you!