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Bad news for ISIL Machinery! Destruction: Excavators, Bulldozers, Motorcycles, Etc etc etc, Pathetic! Here are some multi million dollar stats. But we destroyed 3 ISIL Trenches!!! Im Impressed. Good Job Obama that will show em who’s boss.


SOUTHWEST ASIA, September 14, 2015 — U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports. 

Airstrikes in Syria

Fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted four airstrikes in Syria:

— Near Dayr Ar Zawr, two airstrikes struck an ISIL crude oil collection point and destroyed an ISIL excavator.

— Near Kobani, an airstrike destroyed an ISIL artillery piece.

— Near Mar’a, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Attack, bomber, fighter, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 18 airstrikes in Iraq, coordinated with the Iraqi government:

— Near Huwayjah, an airstrike destroyed three ISIL trenches.

— Near Beiji, four airstrikes struck one large and two small ISIL tactical units and destroyed six ISIL buildings, three ISIL vehicles, an ISIL ant-aircraft artillery piece and an ISIL structure.

— Near Fallujah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL bunker.

— Near Haditha, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL motorcycle.

— Near Kisik, four airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and an ISIL staging area and destroyed an ISIL excavator and an ISIL fighting position.

— Near Mosul, three airstrikes destroyed two ISIL trenches, an ISIL bulldozer and an ISIL vehicle.

— Near Ramadi, two airstrikes destroyed four ISIL weapons caches, an ISIL armored personnel carrier and an ISIL vehicle bomb.

— Near Sultan Abdallah, an airstrike struck an ISIL sniper firing position.

— Near Tuz, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

Barack Obama Just Gave America a Dire Warning… and It’s Great News for Muslims Everywhere


Earlier this week, President Barack Obama “Pictured Above”  warned his administration to prepare for the arrival of an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees during the next fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1. This would bring the total number of refugees slated to enter into the United States in 2016 up to 75,000.

According to CNN, Secretary of State John Kerry wants to raise the 75,000 cap to an even higher number, perhaps as high as 100,000 or more.

There are a couple of huge problems with this, though.

For one, Obama is failing to properly screen refugees, meaning some refugees could wind up being Islamic terrorists in disguise.

According to Michael Steinbach, FBI deputy assistant director of counter-terrorism, it’s “virtually impossible to screen refugees from a ‘failed state’ like Syria, where the U.S. does not have boots on the ground and does not have access to reliable police or intelligence records.”

Furthermore, many of the refugees previously admitted into other nations have shown a great deal of ungratefulness.

In Macedonia, for instance, Muslim refugees refused aid boxes full of food because the boxes were emblazoned with the Red Cross emblem. If these refugees were truly that desperate for help, then why would they refuse food over something so minor?

And according to Mad World News, a number of Muslim nations themselves refuse to take in these ungrateful refugees.

But the biggest problem with Obama’s proposal is that he has been largely ignoring Christian refugees. Only a handful of them have managed to make it to the United States, and even then, most of them were rejected by the Obama administration and warned that they would soon be deported.

Given the ongoing war against the West being perpetuated by radical Islamists, it’s foolhardy to allow tens or even hundreds of thousands of them to enter the country without proper background checks — especially while ignoring the many Christians from the same regions struggling for their very survival.

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Friday, September 11th, 2015

Patriots preparing violent attacks on US Muslims, FBI warns – How long until the outbreak? 

In one recently uncovered plot, a former congressional candidate planned a military-style attack on a Muslims in New York.

Militia extremists inspired by right-wing “conspiracy theories             ” WTF!!!” are starting to target American Muslims, a leaked intelligence bulletin from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) counterterrorism division reveals.

Many of the Patriotic Americans have pride as well as family and friends to protect!!! So they are being referred to as right wing Zealots? When it comes time to lose your head better hope these fine Americans are near.

In one recently uncovered plot, a Christian minister and former congressional candidate planned to launch a military-style attack on a Muslim community in upstate New York.

The FBI document, originally sent to US law enforcement agencies on 28 May, was published last week by Public Intelligence.

The warning is a reminder of the rising danger posed by invading muslims which, contrary to popular perceptions, are equal to, or are a greater than the threat than the so called “Islamic extremists” that in reality don’t even exist. They are all Muslims.

The militia movement has traditionally directed its violent activities toward targets they practice on.

But this is changing!!!!

“Militia extremists are expanding their target sets to include Muslims and Islamic religious institutions in the United States,” the FBI bulletin warns. “This has resulted in increased violent rhetoric and plotting and has the potential to lead, over the long term, to harassment of or violence against Muslims by domestic Americans.

Among the examples the FBI cites, the most shocking occurred in Mississippi last September, where extremists “discussed kidnapping and beheading a Muslim and posting video of the attack to the Internet.” God hasn’t the Muslims done this time and again to us? Who is writing this shit.

Ironically, the FBI concludes that the targeting of Muslims by militias “is a product of ideology that views Muslims collectively with a justified suspicion that any one of them may just kill you. Especially if you are an elderly woman tending to your Garden

This raises questions about whether an institution that targets Muslim communities is capable of simultaneously protecting them?


Say what???!!!!

According to the memo, pervasive disinformation about Muslims and Islam is a product of conspiracy theories that have been “repeated over the course of a decade by self-appointed watchdogs of Islamic extremism, Internet bloggers and some news media.”

Some of the sources the FBI cites are the homophobic anti-Muslim hate group Christian Action Network, anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller and a host of right-wing media outlets, including World Net Daily, Fox News, Western Journalism, Patriot News Wire and The Blaze. Didn’t ISIS just toss some guys off of a building because they were accused of being gay??? I guess that doesn’t qualify as Homophobic??? Oh yeah, it’s sharia law! So that justifies it with the author.

This has got to be coming from someone associated with Cair. Or Care, or whoever the fuck the terrorist pose to be.

Geller’s inclusion in the FBI report is notable given her key role in what the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank, has labeled the Islamophobia network.

In response the Islamophobic network’s encourage others to OPEN THEIR EYE’S. Read the news and browse the internet. It’s obvious we’re in some trouble. The words of Islam… Convert or Die!

The top eight of the network’s wealthy pro-Israel donors poured some $57 million into anti-Muslim organizations between 2001 and 2012, according to CAP. God bless pro Israel donors!

A comprehensive accounting of the Islamophobia industry by the Council on American-Islamic Relations  “I knew it” (CAIR) identified at least 37 groups whose primary purpose is to promote prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims. In other words to make people aware of the truth, Islam want’s the Infidel dead!

Between 2008 and 2011, these groups received a staggering $120 million in revenue and directly lobbied for anti-Muslim legislation in states across the country, according to CAIR. And how many Lawsuits has Cair launched against the American government and public. It’s a lot more staggering than 120 million dollars!

Geller has raked in millions of these dollars for her American Freedom Defense Initiative, which has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Oh stand up to Islam, and speak the truth. Hate group?

“We will cut them to shreds”

Such incitement to hatred has dangerous consequences.

Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011 supposedly to halt the “Islamization” of Europe, cited Geller’s anti-Muslim propaganda a dozen times in his manifesto justifying his mass killing. And on the other side the Muslim’s are not killing anyone right??? Electronicinfidel seems not to think so.

In May, Robert Doggart, a Christian minister and former candidate for congress in Tennessee, was indicted for plotting an armed attack on a predominantly African American Muslim community in upstate New York that has been the target of wild conspiracy theories hatched by the anti-Muslim, pro-Israel Clarion Project and disseminated by Fox News. Ah Fox news is behind the anti-islamic movement too!!!

Doggart planned to assemble a group of gunmen to attack the community with assault rifles, explosives and even a machete. No Cage burnings? Swing set’s with people tied over a fire? Exploding Baby’s? People put in cages and drowned? OMG even a Machete!!!

“If it gets down to the machete, we will cut them to shreds,” Doggart allegedly said on a call intercepted by the FBI. Boy we Americans aren’t nearly as creative as the muslims are.

Trickle-down hate

Jon Ritzheimer, a former US marine turned Patriot agitator, made headlines the same month for organizing an armed protest outside the Islamic Cultural Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Oh those wicked fuck’s. Protecting themselves!

He framed the rally as retaliation for an attempted attack by two ISIS sympathizers on a Muhammad drawing contest organized by Geller in Garland, Texas. That a couple of Muslims attempted mass murder because of a cartoon?

Ritzheimer has since posted several popular videos to Facebook explicitly calling for violence against Muslims and advising his followers to “Be ready for vengeance and be ready to drink beer from the skulls of our enemy.” There are the links so im sure the author wants them to get more hit’s.

“I am the Infidel Allah warned you about!” he added.

More rightwing rhetoric by CAIR. Edited… Fuck who CAIR’S!!! Statement not affiliated with the terrorist organization care.

“It’s a whole ecosystem of money being poured into these groups and then it trickles down,” Siddiqi told The Electronic Intifada.

Guns and Islamophobia

The National Rifle Association’s national convention in April, for instance, featured a seminar promoting Guns.

Meanwhile, at least five gun stores across the US have declared themselves “Muslim-free zones” in recent months, and more are being encouraged to take it even further, Muslim Free Country!


CAIR Lawsuits cause others to scrape up cash.

someone is selling prints of his painting of the Confederate flag to raise funds for legal fees to fight a lawsuit filed by CAIR against the store’s discriminatory “Muslim-free” policy.

“This is the intersection of gun culture and anti-Islam sentiment converging in one place,” Siddiqi said. “It’s basically riling up the base of gun owners across the country.” Store owners are refusing to sell guns to a people who have shown they are capable, and actually wanting to kill and maim innocent people! Shame on them huh?

On 29 January, when citizens from across Texas gathered in Austin to meet with lawmakers during the seventh annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day, they were met with anti-Islam protesters waving Texas and Israeli flags and signs that read “Radical Islam is the new Nazi” and “Go home and take Obama with you.” These are American people who are attempting to keep the freedoms they have had, so their children and Grandchildren can enjoy the same freedom’s without fear of being blown up or beheaded.


As right-wing militias train their sights at Muslim communities with little government resistance, concern is rising that it is only a matter of time before someone pulls the trigger. And soon we shall see the fall of Islam!

NEVER APOLOGIZE for telling the truth about Muslims no matter how offensive it is to Muslims


imagesDonald Trump wouldn’t apologize and neither should this school superintendent whose resignation is being demanded by designated terrorist group CAIR, despite his apology for what Muslims consider an offensive anti-Muslim remark.  Just remember, there is virtually nothing you can say about Muslims that doesn’t offend them. So, speak up, ignore political correctness, and never back down from what you say.

The remark was made about the Garland, Texas police who killed the two Muslim terrorists who were caught trying to shoot up a Muhammad cartoon contest free speech event there.

What happened to freedom of speech in America???