Alien Muslim invaders protest their less than ideal living conditions in Sweden, Ingrates!

FILTHY INGRATES. Daily scenes of Muslim so-called “refugees” who are angry because the quality of the housing, food, area to live in, and services offered them are not good enough.


It says in the Bible “The meek shall inherit the kingdom of the earth” These guys are ass out!

U.S. CONGRESS: 72 Democrats are demanding the Muslim-in-Chief take in 200,000 Muslim invaders by 2016, 10 – 20 times more than currently planned

Dozens of House Democrats Traitors are calling for the Obama regime to dramatically increase the number of Syrian refugees freeloaders, rapists, thugs, and potential terrorists allowed into the U.S.


The Hill  (h/t Freedom in America) In a letter on Friday, 72 lawmakers said that the country could easily support the resettlement of as many as 100,000 refugees — a 10-fold increase from the White House’s plan.

The U.S. should “resettle a minimum of 200,000 refugees by the end of 2016, including 100,000 Syrian refugees,” they wrote to the White House. That would be in line with a recommendation from a coalition of 20 refugee organizations called Refugee Council USA.


“It is our moral duty, as a nation founded on the principles of equality and freedom, to do what we can to assist our brethren who are in desperate turmoil, and are searching for the slightest gesture of goodwill,” they wrote.

The letter was spearheaded by Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.).

The Democrats’ demand would be a dramatic increase from the Obama administration’s pledge this week to let an additional 10,000 refugees into the country over the course of the next year. To this point, the U.S. has accepted roughly 1,500 of the 4 million Syrians who have fled the country since civil war broke out there in 2011.


The change in White House policy came only after intense scrutiny was turned on the relatively low number of refugees the U.S. has allowed, compared to other countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Criticism mounted in recent days on the heels of a heartbreaking photograph of a drowned 3-year-old refugee, Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed up to shore in Turkey while attempting to flee to Europe.


“The United States is home to 320 million people,” the lawmakers wrote on Friday. “Allowing an additional 130,000 refugees into our country would make up less than a quarter of one percent of our population.

“How can we tell little Aylan’s family that we simply can’t manage to welcome them, that it would be too dangerous, or take away jobs? Surely we can do better.”


The Democrats’ call is sure to meet opposition from Republicans, who have been split on the refugee crisis.

While some have criticized the Obama administration for being too slow to accept new migrants, others have worried about security and economic implications of accepting tens of thousands of foreigners.

Muslims lift their asses to allah in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Apparently, the Democrats were impressed.


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To the shores of Tripoli” – The forgotten Christian slaves of Islam

What does the future hold for you?

Hundreds of thousands of white Europeans were captured by Barbary MUSLIM pirates and sold as slaves in North Africa and the Ottoman Empire between the 16th and 19th centuries. Tens of thousands of Black African slaves are still owned today by Arab Muslims.


These slave raids were conducted largely by Arab and Berber Muslim rather than Ottoman Turkish Muslims. However, during the height of the Barbary slave trade, the Barbary states were subject to Ottoman Muslim jurisdiction and ruled by Ottoman pashas. Furthermore, many slaves captured by the Barbary corsairs were sold eastward into Ottoman territories before, during, and after Barbary’s period of Ottoman rule.


The Barbary Muslim pirates kidnapped Europeans from ships in North Africa’s coastal waters (Barbary Coast). They also attacked and pillaged the Atlantic coastal fishing villages and town in Europe, enslaving the inhabitants. Villages and towns on the coast of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France were the hardest hit. Muslim slave-raiders also seized people as far afield as Britain, Ireland and Iceland.


In 1627, Muslim Pirates went on a pillaging and enslaving campaign to Iceland. After dropping anchor at Reykjavik, his forces ransacked the town and returned with 400 men, women and children and sold them in Algiers. In 1631, he made a voyage with a brigand of 200 pirates to the coast of Southern Ireland and ransacked and pillaged the village of Baltimore, carrying away 237 men, women and children to Algiers.

The barbaric slave-raiding activities of the Muslim pirates had a telling effect on Europe. France, England, and Spain lost thousands of ships, devastating to their sea-borne trade. Long stretches of the coast in Spain and Italy were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants until the nineteenth century.


MICHIGANISTAN: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR says fierce opposition to proposed mosque comes from mayor’s ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook comments

safe_image_php-viCAIR today expressed concern over the “improper” opposition by the Mayor of Sterling Heights to a proposed mosque in that city. In a recent Facebook post, Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor stated, “I am opposed to this mosque being built on 15 Mile Road.” Taylor also referred to Muslim terrorists abroad in his post.Sterling_Heights_Mosque_controversy_3369920003_23522890_ver1.0_640_480

His opposition comes in the midst of recent anti-Muslim comments by residents, which have been made in two city government meetings and coincide with an anti-mosque protest of more than 200 people opposed to the proposed mosque. A planning commission hearing for the proposed mosque is set for September 10 at 7 p.m.

“Mayor Taylor’s public opposition to the mosque not only calls into question his commitment to the civil rights of all residents of Sterling Heights but also his potentially wielding improper influence in upcoming proceedings relating to the mosque’s zoning,” said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid. Walid also noted that CAIR-MI has contacted the Department of Justice (DOJ) mosque opposition in Sterling Heights.

FYI: Dawud Walid of CAIR is a radical Muslim antisemite as well.


Detroit News  More than 200 residents, some fearing lowered property values, lined a section of 15 Mile near Mound Saturday morning to protest a plan to build a mosque at the site.

Many of the demonstrators waved American flags and crosses, others carried signs like “Wrong place” and “Build homes on this site” and “No mosque.” Some chanted “Vote No on land review” concerning the 20,500-square foot mosque planned on four and a half acres of largely undeveloped property between Hatherly Place and Davison Drive.


Police who monitored the event described it as peaceful but had to caution several demonstrators, for their own safety, to stand back from the busy 15 Mile traffic after several stuck their hands and signs out towards passing motorists.

“We said no to this (plan) earlier this month — that should be the end of it,” said Mark Cacho, who lives on 15 Mile directly across from the site. “Take it somewhere else. This is a neighborhood, we don’t need anymore traffic. This is America and everyone expresses what they feel.”


 Many packed the meeting earlier this month, hotly debating the project for more than four hours and stalling a vote for special land use. The property is currently zoned single-family residential but approval can be made for a house of worship.

“We are upset because it is a mosque being planned in a residential Catholic community,” said Debbie Rossi, a long-time city resident, who also lives across from the site. “We live here because it is a residential community. Now we have deer and fox and beautiful trees. I don’t want to hear calls for prayer five times a day.”


“There is already enough traffic along 15 Mile Road,” she said. “The site being planned is supposedly for 400 people but they have only 100 parking spaces. Where are the other cars going to be parked? They are going to be parked along our streets in our neighborhood. Realtors said we can expect a 30 percent drop in our property values. We don’t need this. It’s a bad, bad idea.”

A site plan shown at the August 13 meeting detailed plans of the 20,500 square foot building with a 3,200 square foot main worship area for 325 people. Plans showed 130 parking spaces.


Three pro-mosque demonstrators showed up late in the event and stood on the outskirts of the group carrying their own signs which read: “Islam Loves You” “We support the mosque” and “What is this really about?”

Police broke up a heated argument between the three, including one man carrying a copy of the Koran, and the much larger group of anti-mosque demonstrators. All were advised that everyone had a right to free speech and the event continued without further incident.