ISIS IN ACTION: Let us not forget the atrocities perpetrated by those who follow the law of the Quran and the Peadophile Mohammad. Photos of Islamic State savagery the media will not show you (WARNING: Very Graphic)

Islam the religion of peace. Well here is just a small fraction of the Religion of Islamic Pieces.



















A Fate worse than Death!!! This picture changed me. If I had a Gun and was standing there I would of blown his fucking head off! Bunch of sick peadophile scumbags. Look at the fear in this child!!! I wonder what ever happened to her. God Bless her soul. And may he suffer an unimaginable life, and Death.



SWEDEN: New Photo of what appears to be a beheading victim in IKEA indicates that the asylum seeking knife attackers were likely Muslims. Hope the authorities are “Starting” to figure out that most of these attacks are Islamic!!!!

11822330_10153618080198938_5381898810920123712_nThe Swedish government and media are doing their best to conceal any evidence that the Eritrean knife attackers who killed two people in IKEA were Muslims. But an independent photo obtained (below) appears to show that at least one of the victims was beheaded in the store.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes, we now have a photo that the mainstream media will not post. Nothing is yet confirmed, but expect more to come out about this apparent Islam-inspired beheading of two infidels. Of course, police were quick to point out that they didn’t think the murders were “politically motivated.”

Police in central Sweden have increased security at MUSLIM asylum seeker lodgings, fearing a backlash after two Eritrean asylum seekers were detained on suspicion of murdering two people at an IKEA store. Police said there was no evidence of any political motive. The victims did not have any connection to their attackers, police said. The store temporarily halted knife sales as the attackers used knives from the shelves there.


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SYRIA: Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists having fun with the beheaded guy

A captured Syrian soldier is verbally and physically abused by ISIS before he is beheaded (actual beheading not shown). Afterwards, they continue to berate the severed head sitting on the soldier’s chest. Then they drive the body into town and prop it up against a wall where young boys enjoy placing the severed head on top of the dead guy’s shoulders. “I remember those times in my youth don’t you”. Said with sarcasm. I would have been damaged, scared, sick. Not forgetting what I seen. These kids are not going to be normal as adults. Maybe Therapy could help? I think there is only one was this will ever go away.


Iraqi Christians are systematically tortured and killed, adult men are being brutally circumcised, and whipped for drinking wine by ISIS savages


Iraqi Christians are reportedly being tortured in local churches by the Islamic State (ISIS) in northern Iraq. A Christian resident from the ISIS-held city of Mosul, told the Sunday Times: “These two churches are being used as prisons and for torture.

IB Times  Three of the Christian prisoners died because they were sick and nobody cared for them.” The man, known as Abu Aasi, claims that Christian prisoners in the churches are being forced to convert and that Islamic State have been “breaking all the crosses and statues of Mary”.

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I think these Muslims just like to touch other men’s tools!


The news coverage seems to be being censored. Its getting harder and harder to find. I have videos that I am restricted from posting? Everyone in Islamoworld seems to have a voice. But those who are fighting this threat through allowing the public are being Censored on what we can, and cannot allow viewers to see. If society doesn’t see the horror that others are having to go through than the Governments don’t have to justify why they are allowing these atrocities to happen. Stop Censoring us!!!

SPAIN: Madrid’s Omar Mosque and Islamic Culture Centre was an ISIS jihadi recruitment hub


So? Most mosques ARE jihadist/terrorist recruitment centers which is why all mosques in the West should be eliminated.

The Local (h/t Maria J)  The cafeteria of Madrid’s M-30 mosque was the base of a network that recruited jihadists to fight for the terror group ISIS in Syria, a Spanish judge said on Thursday. The terror network allegedly headed up by ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner Lahcen Ikassrien used the mosque, Madrid’s largest, as its centre of operations, National Court judge Pablo Ruz said in a ruling as he processed 15 members of the gang dismantled in June.

Mosque of Madrid ISIS Recruiting Center

In a 49-page report, Ruz outlined the activities of the group, which is thought to have been in operation since 2011 and to have operated a training camp near the Spanish city of Ávila. The group, known by its members as the Al-Andalus Brigade — a reference to the Islamic-controlled area of Spain of the Middle Ages — left a trail of evidence including paperwork, videos and social media content outlining how they operated.

One such example is that of Hicham Chentouf, who joined Isis in autumn of 2013. This young man started attending the M-30 mosque in 2010 and became radicalized after contact with the cell led by Ikassrien. He went on to become an imam at the Yunquera de Henares mosque in Spain’s Guadalajara mosque.

Hicham Chentouf' blog profile picture

In 2014, Chentouf posted on his Facebook page a message from the head of operations for ISIS in Homs giving him permission to take a week’s leave from combat. He had earlier posted a photo of himself brandishing an AK-47 rifle, Spain’s El País newspaper reported.

Ikassrien, described by the judge as the cell’s charismatic leader, is now facing 12 years in prison for heading up a terror cell, and has also been accused of falsifying documents after allegedly forging his Spanish residence permit.

Former Guantano Bay terrorist Moroccan Lahcen Ikassrien

However, the main operative for the group was Omar El Harchi who organized financing and recruiting for the group, the judge said. El Harchi purchased plane tickets for two members of the group who died in combat in Syria in 2012. 

Thursday’s hearing came on the same day that ten Mediterranean nations — including France, Italy, Algeria and Libya — on Thursday pledged greater cooperation in the fight against Islamic radicalism and illegal immigration during talks in Spain. The vow came at the close of a meeting of defence ministers in the southern city of Granada from the so-called 5+5 initiative set up in 2004 to boost cooperation in security matters among 10 nations from around the Mediterranean.

European ISIS jihadists

The 5+5 initiative also includes Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal and Malta. “International jihadist terrorism directly affects our nations but it is also affecting countries that are not part of the 5+5 and which have the capacity to influence in our nations.”

Several Islamist extremist groups are threatening the area, including jihadists from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb who are active in Algeria and remain a major problem for Morocco.