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Bio: Proud American. Frustrated with our current Government. Sickened by the images that I have seen of atrocities committed by the Islamic Occult called "Muslims". Their "Holy Book" Instructs them to kill the Infidel. I had no idea until I had came across Bare Naked Islam. I like the site, I don't agree with all the views. I do believe the vast majority of United State Citizens are in the dark about what is really going on in this world. I hope to help make a difference.

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  1. Great website!

    Propagating my below-presented measures as broadly as you can, calling on your fellow Counter-Jihadists to do likewise and relentlessly pushing for their enactment all across the Western World are of paramount importance to the survival and, eventually, inexhaustible prosperity of the White non-Muslim/Infidel/Kaffir World:

    1) Import of oil from Venezuela, Russia*, Brazil and Mexico instead of the Islamic-propaganda-machine-and-combative-Jihad-financing oil import from Dar El-Islam (check the oil proven reserves, production and consumption data on globalfirepower.com).

    2) Withdrawal from the U.N. more than half of whose budget is funded by White Western countries – the U.S.A. being chief among them — and where the largest voting bloc is the O.I.C., thus its yield of a considerably great influence which is manifested in their voting as a single Islamic bloc in support of any U.N. resolution that goes against the interests of Free White Westerners.

    3) Due to the post-WWII almost complete devastation of the four-or more-membered traditional nuclear family unit of White Infidel society, mandatory-by-law, institutionalized, heavily subsidized maintenance of above-replacement birth rates by all White Western women who’re of reproductive age through the use of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) with gene selection for overly high intelligence (IQs of 185+) and Nordic features (blue, green, hazel and amber irides; platinum, or at least homogenous, blonde and red hair; porcelain white skin tone; pale pink nipples, areolas, female external genitalia, glans penis and scrotum; half lips; a pointy nose with narrow nostrils and a slim nasal bridge; and tall, slender stature) so as to prevent Whites from dying out and to correct the genetic damage that has been inexorably inflicted upon the Great White Race — the race of the Gods and Goddesses, I might add — courtesy of the historical subjection of millions of (White) European Christian women to sex slavery, before the advent of reliable contraception assuming the poor victims had had a choice to use birth control at any rate, to the (non-White) Umayyad Arab and Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish Muslim male invaders (read up on, “custom-made designer babies” and “pre-implantation genetic engineering”) taking into consideration that children who’re to be conceived through said technique to White Western mothers who’re too career-focused to bear the responsibility of raising their own kids are to be brought up in supra-par state-sponsored boarding schools (from kindergarten through grade 12) where they’re to be provided with professional psychological and social care. There has been no successful policy put into place to elevate White TFR (total fertility rate) to above-replacement or even replacement levels to date. Incidentally, the Russian government provides considerable financial incentives for (White) Russian women who mother more than 2 White kids but to little or no avail. Accordingly, I’m of the stiff conviction that forcing White women to give birth to White babies in sufficient numbers who’re to be reared by the state under the conditions and in the manner described in detail above is the only viable means to secure the survival of our physically glamorous, distinctly intelligent, innovative and industrious race.

    As I am sure you know, blonde and red hair; blue and green eyes; and immensely pasty skin are exclusively White traits — not found among the huge majority of members of impurely European ethnic groups and all the non-European ethnic groups universally recognized as Caucasian. Ask yourself, does a Portuguese like Cristiano Ronaldo or an ethnic Armenian like Kim K. qualify as White in contrast to blue-eyed Bashar El-Assad (who does not)? No, of course not. Neither do the olive-skinned, brown-eyed and brown-haired Italians, Greeks and especially the Spaniards just to name a few nationalities who are falsely internationally identified as Whites. Do you get the point I’m trying to convey? Only blonde-and red-haired, blue-and green-eyed, extremely fair-skinned people should be considered White.


    Just imagine how charmingly captivating and wonderful it would be if the above-linked maps were totally colored in pale blue and pale yellow respectively and that could be materialized only if (racially aware) Free White Westerners, like yourself, persistently endorsed, and lobbied for, legislation obligating reproduction through aforesaid approach in each and every White Western country.

    4) Deportation of non-White Muslims and non-White non-Muslim criminals and continuously-or intermittently-long-term-social-security-benefit-scrounging moochers from the West to whatever Third-World shit holes of their choosing and adopting the Arab Gulf approach to white-collar expat workers; i.e., not granting such expats permanent residency in, much less citizenship of, any Western country.

    5) Sacking as many as necessary non-White blue-collar laborers and replacing them with state-of-the-art, interactive robots following Japan’s lead.

    6) Setting the blessing of having a satisfactorily high IQ (which is primarily determined by one’s ethnicity and race) that is above, let’s say, 140 as a prerequisite for citizens to voting and, as a matter of course, barring convicts and long-term unemployed bums from voting.

    7) Passing a law that makes adherence of White Westerners to Islam a capital crime (one that is punishable by the death penalty).

    *If you’re a Russophobe with whom my argument for the West’s urgently-needed dependence on Russia for its oil and natural gas supply does not sit well: (White Infidel) Russians have always lived up to their reputation of taking no shit from confrontational Koranimals in their midst. For instance, Russia banned “Sahih El-Bukhari” — Islam’s most revered and allegedly genuine ‘holy’ book after the Qur’an — in November 2014 and on January 27, 2015 (White Infidel) Russian soldiers were reported to have “desecrated [sic] korans during anti-terror raids in Dagestan.” Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Marine Le Pen of the National Front — a French lady whose beauty is only overshadowed by her tremendous vigilance and courage in defense of French and, by extension, (White) European culture against the onslaught of Islamic civilization-extinguishing primitiveness — has once said, “Putin is a defender of the Christian heritage of European Civilization” and certainly holds him and his patriotic (White Infidel) Russian support base in high regards. It is fucking long past time the Free White West and Eastern Europe, including (White Infidel) Russia, put aside their petty bickering/grievances and unite to neutralize the Islamic existential threat to the White Infidel world and, ultimately, ensure pure-blooded White Infidels retain their absolute sovereignty over their own ancestral homelands for this century and beyond.


    Make no mistake, if the above-posted measures are not put into effect ASAFP across the whole White Infidel World, pure-blooded White Infidels will have gone the way of the dodo and Islam will have prevailed over White Infidels well before the end of this century.

    Best regards,


    1. Wow, That is a post in itself. You hit on some key issues! But I don’t believe islam will prevail. If we are looking for someone to eradicate muslims they themselves are doing a great job of it. The stage is set, Muslims Killing Muslims by the 100s of thousands. Islam is Falling, they will never find unity. We are just picking off scraps here and there. Thank you for your comments and links. Good luck to you and God Bless. Islamacide


  2. O my dear Brother I have no word to say except supplicating to Almighty God. O my Lord, You are the Lord of the world. I don’t worship except You. I don’t worship prophet Muhammad and Jesus. But I love them and follow till my death. I don’t follow someone who opposes Your order and their order. O my Lord as you gave me ISLAM , give it for this my brother who misled by ISIS which doesn’t represent Islam. O my Lord guide him to straight path. O my Lord Erase from his heart the hatred he has for Islam due to misunderstanding.
    “And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying.”
    Al-qur’an Sura Al-An’aam:116
    Its explanation from Tafheemal Qur’an
    “One need not follow the way of life of the majority, for the majority tend to follow their conjectures and fancies rather than sound knowledge. Their beliefs, their ideas and concepts, their philosophies of life, the guiding principles of their conduct, their laws – all these are founded on conjecture. On the contrary, the way of life which pleases God, was revealed by Him and hence is based on true knowledge rather than conjecture. Instead of trying to discover the way of life of the majority, a seeker after truth should, therefore, persevere in the way prescribed by God, even if he finds himself to be a solitary traveller. “


    1. Sammubani. I pray to what ever God may be that all of us on this earth may learn to want to help each other, and to do good. I just don’t see committing murder as good? We are all brothers. It is actually nice to hear someone who is associated with Islam say they denounce isis. If Jesus as he was being killed, could pray and ask for the forgiveness of those who were committing the acts of torture and Crucifixion. Stating Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Than why can’t we as a people tolerate diversity? I hope we as people can find a peaceful solution to this problem. Right now the Muslims are slaughtering each other in the ten’s of thousands? It’s sad. I do not believe any religion on this earth to be 100% correct, or any one man faultless. I will post your message on my blog. To me it said something I have not heard before. If there are many like you, than I have no doubt one day we can all find our love for God, with out the use of Violence.

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      1. Yes indeed it bleeds the heart to see and hear innocent people are being killed whether Muslims or non Muslims by these ignorant groups who don’t know Islam well. They do mischief on earth. They mislead people from true way. It’s impossible to make people accept Islam in weapons. Islam doesn’t teach to compel people to accept it by weapons or force. If you accept Islam by force, can you gain huge benefits from it? Indeed you can’t. Because without your interest you can’t gain any benefit from something.
        “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.”
        Al-qur’an 2:256
        Taghut – false deities, Satan, evil
        What shall I say? I have chosen saliency rather than barking like dog. Everyday human is killed.
        May God bring us peace and remove mischief from the earth.


        1. You sound like a wise man. I agree if someone is only accepting a religious point of view so they, or their family are not harmed. Or because they have greed in their eyes, and are willing to harm others to get what they want. Than their belief couldn’t be true. They are without God. It is said we are all Gods children. If that is true why would God want any of his children harmed? In life we learn as we grow old. Wisdom comes to those who seek truth. Some learn easy, others learn hard. Our world is so full of diversity, that is part of what makes things beautiful and interesting. As I read your post you are correct, I don’t know Islam. If you represent Islam and Allah you do so humbly and with respect. That is far more powerful than any weapon or threat could ever be. I also humbly ask God that he may bring us peace on this earth. I do know good will overcome evil. It is just so sad that men’s pride and fear will not allow for peace to exist in some places. I do feel for those who are persecuted for no real reason at all. That is why I choose to speak, I speak for those who are suffering because of the evil of those who believe they have no right to exist.


        2. May Peace and blessing of Almighty God upon you. I had forgotten this greeting while I was sending you posts. Every diversity and differences among humanity make world interesting if only peace exists. Rather than saying good morning or good evening if we say to each other from heart “May Peace and blessing of Almighty God upon you.” can’t we live in peace with each other? It’s the sentence which shows humbleness towards someone rather than harshness. It brings love among people.
          ” And when you are greeted with a greeting, greet [in return] with one better than it or [at least] return it [in a like manner]. Indeed, Allah is ever, over all things, an Accountant.”
          Al-qur’an Sura An-Nisa: 86(4:86)
          Its explanation
          “At that time the relations between the Muslims and non-Muslims were strained to the limit. It was feared, therefore, that the Muslims might feel inclined to treat the latter discourteously. They are accordingly asked to pay at least as much respect and consideration to others as is paid to them – and preferably more. Good manners and courtesy are to be matched by the Muslims. In fact, the mission entrusted to the Muslims requires them to excel others in this respect. Harshness, irritability and bitterness are not becoming in a people whose main function is to preach a message and invite people to it; a people committed to guiding mankind towards righteousness. While harshness and bitterness may at best satisfy one’s injured vanity, they are positively harmful to the cause that one seeks to promote.’

          For every solutions knowledge is very important. Without knowing about something, passing judgement is harmful for everyone. Without knowing about Jihad killing innocent people is indeed makes people think Islam as violent religion. In Islam when you fight for sake of Allah, you should only fight those against you. You are not allowed to kill their children, women, elders, religious men, destroying property and place of worship even cutting plants for unnecessary purposes.
          Let me mention one story of Christian woman who lived in Egypt during caliphate of Umar Ibn Khatab( 2nd Caliph of Islam) although it doesn’t relate with jihad. Umar assigned a person known as Amr Ibn As to rule Egypt. This woman’s house was near to mosque. Amr wanted to expand the mosque due to there were great number of people who prayed in it. He asked her to sell her land and house. But she refused. Then he asked her to transfer to another place with compensation. Again she refused. He tried all possible ways to give her land for mosque construction. After she had refused all choices, he collapsed her home and expanded the mosque. But this weak woman didn’t silence. She sent messenger to a caliph of Islam in Medina that was Umar Ibn Khatab to find justice. She said “Your servant collapsed my house to expand the mosque.”
          Let me stop you here. Would this weak woman get justice from caliph of Islam? The house was collapsed to expand the mosque. Did the mosque or justice be beloved to him who represented Islam correctly? The answer for this weak woman was to reconstruct her house and collapse the mosque.
          This was man who ruled one third of the world. Who acted upon Islam well. He didn’t pitch image of Islam rather he showed as it is.
          Dear brother generation passed who represented Islam as it is. It’s better if you look at Islam rather than at now day’s Muslims and their actions.


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