Defectors: ISIS is killing Muslims, not protecting them – Muslims are Killing muslims for no reason, Gallery of Syria


They Chant Death to The United States, Death to the Infidel!!! Yet Muslims kill Muslims Everyday for really any reason they can think of.


Over a hundred dead but Assad denies any involvement.


Muslims seem to love blood, if they are not dishing it out, than they are on the receiving end of the stick.


Most of the group’s attention, they said, was consumed by quarrels with other rebels and the leadership’s obsession with “spies” and “traitors.” This was not the kind of jihad they had come to Syria and Iraq to fight. They wanted to kill the Infidel!mkmd

Another narrative dealt with the group’s brutality. Many complained about atrocities and the killing of innocent civilians. They talked about the random killing of hostages, the systematic mistreatment of villagers and the execution of fighters by their own commanders


A second narrative was corruption. Though none believed that corruption was systemic, many disapproved of the conduct of individual commanders and “emirs.” Syrian defectors criticized the privileges that were given to foreigners, for which they claimed was no justification based on the group’s philosophy or Islam in general. They need no excuse they just want to Kill. Anything anyone


For others, their experience in combat didn’t live up to their expectations of action and heroism. One of them referred to his duties as “dull” and complained about the lack of deployments, while another claimed that foreign fighters were “exploited” and used as cannon fodder.


These stories matter. The defectors’ very existence shatters the image of unity and determination that the group seeks to convey. Their narratives highlight the group’s contradictions and hypocrisies. Their example may encourage others to follow, and their credibility can help deter wannabes from joining.


All the world needs to do is just watch. Islam is not peaceful nor do they want peace. Sure there are those who do but i’m sure with the Nazi Regime there were many who were innocent. But as a whole Nazi Germany and it radical ideology had to go. And so does Islam.


Why do so many people in this world choose to ignore the problem? These people can not be reasoned with. There is never going to be any peace unless something big is done to eliminate these issues.


Look it up yourself. Just make sure you don’t get the “New edition of the Koran” distributed and edited by Cair.

Islam is not a religion of peace! It’s a religion of pieces.unnamed-18