Lauren C. Williams Archives – “ThinkProgress” But don’t Re-tweet ISIS.

 I stumbled upon a post, I could tell just by it’s content the type of person who had assembled it. So I clicked the button and there she was. Exactly as I had pictured her.LaurenWilliams

How did I know this person’s ethnic origin? I ask that as a serious Question. Are we all really that different? Does she have the same views I do? It was made to look like she does care, but then there were indicators that told me she is not what she appears. The post was about ISIS. ISIS can post but the gist of the article indicated if you re-tweeted a post by ISIS you would be in trouble? Than as I read on I see she is on the bandwagon of sympathy for this clock building boy.

Have you ever heard “we must be Vigilant?” Well some people were being just that, Vigilant!  It’s one of those things where you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. The people we’re fucked either way. Facing possible liabilities in the future if they hadn’t said anything and the kid blows up his classroom the story line would have read much different. Donald Trump get’s trashed for not correcting a man who was correct in what he said. The more I look the more confused I become. I know where I stand. I hope the US Government knows too. I stand with my people, and will uphold my allegiance I recited each day as a child, hand over my heart and looking at the American Flag. Do the Kids even do that anymore in school. Or has our country been so demoralized over this Muslim Bullshit that we can’t. Who is this woman and how does she identify herself in the United States? I would like to know – ISLAMACIDE