GERMANY: Look what happens when hordes of Muslim freeloaders reach the ‘promised land’

No sooner do they arrive in Germany and they are running wild in the streets, attacking police cars, attacking each other. You asked for it, Germany. Infested with Islamaroaches.

Worse than Cockroaches!!! & There sick 😛

Muslim illegals clash with police in Frankfurt.

The latest arson attack on a Muslim refugee shelter yesterday, this time in Wertheim, renders it uninhabitable.


2 thoughts on “GERMANY: Look what happens when hordes of Muslim freeloaders reach the ‘promised land’

  1. You would actually like me if you met me, I truly do believe that. Hatred? Yeah, It was the Little Headless Girl in the pretty Blue Dress with the white tights and black church shoes with a bow on them that warped my mind. They Claimed the picture had been Photo Shopped. I mean who could do such a thing? But the people who took the picture. “The Family” sent in a Video of them holding up her lifeless, headless little body, they were screaming and sobbing. It changed me. I fucking hate Islam, the country is infested with molesters and COWARDS who do horrible things to animals and Children.


    1. You Visited my site and left hateful feedback. I went to your site, Left feedback most may feel empathetic about. Than you leave this feedback! Stay away from my post. I hate Fucking Islam! For anyone who may read this you should visit her site, read about Allah. Good Shit, Lol


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