ISIS grooming methods similar to child molesters: ASIO

Islamic State supporters are seducing Australian youth in a process akin to pedophilic grooming, the head of the country’s security agency warns.

ASIO Director-General of Security Duncan Lewis said there were about 120 young Australians fighting with the extremist group in Syria and Iraq, with others radicalised through “insidious” online manipulation.

“The youngest ones we have are down around 14 years of age (and) they are being groomed with a technique that is not dissimilar to child molestation,” he told a luncheon in Brisbane on Friday.

They are Child Molesters! They are instructed to emulate the “prophet” Mohammed. They have been Raping Children, Sodomizing young boys. It’s what they do, It is who they are.


I am American. Just needed to say for myself and the millions of others in America… We Love Australia! You people are amazing, get the scum out of your Country. We can all do something, this is what I do. Until the War arrives here than I fight. – Islamacide