HUNGARY: Angry Muslim invaders use children as human shields. Putting their children at risk in an attempt to deter police from using tear gas. Yeah real good people.

Sharia-compliant media slam Hungary for using teargas on “innocent children,” who were a tiny part of a crowd of hundreds of illegal alien Muslim invaders demanding to be allowed into Hungary on their way to the popular welfare state of Germany.

NEWS AU  Authorities fired tear gas and water cannons into crowds of several hundred Muslims, including children, as they attempted to cross the Serbian border. Yet Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs accused members of “armed mobs…using kids as human shields”.

The clashes took place after Hungary sealed its southern border with Serbia, cutting off one of the biggest entry points for illegal alien freeloaders into the European Union this year.


The invaders were protesting the crackdown by Hungary’s government, who on Monday finalized the completion of a four-metre, razor wire metal fence in the hope of keeping the migrants out. The fence spans the 173 kilometre length of its southern border.


On Monday, 10,000 Muslims crossed the Hungary Serbia border, a record by Hungary’s standards. But that number is set to shift dramatically since the construction of the towering fence.

An AFP reporter on the Serbian side said around 300 out of a group of 500 took part in the protest and confirmed that some were hurling objects at the police. Police fired at least 20 tear gas grenades as the crowd chanted slogans in Arabic with their fists in the air.

Behaviors speak the truth. See these men carrying children up front deliberatly putting them in harms way. They call themselves men? Fucking selfish Ingrates is what they are. Willing to do anything to get their way.