LONDON: CCTV captured Muslim baghead being slammed to the ground by a stranger- Old Video

The BBC dragged out this old story from 2012 to promote its program tonight about an alleged sharp rise in anti-Muslim attacks in London, especially against Muslim women wearing headbags in public.

Gee, whatever could be the reason for a rise in anti-Muslim attacks in London?

UK Daily Mail  Video below shows the moment a Muslim girl wearing a headbag was struck in the head in an unprovoked attack on an east London street.  Tasneem Kabir suffered broken teeth and a smashed lip after she was hit by Michael Ayoade, 34.

He was arrested after police released CCTV footage of the attack. Unbelievably, he was jailed for FOUR years after pleading guilty. Muslim child rapists don’t usually get that much jail time in the UK.