Harley Davidson and Islam? Islam is making a move at taking another piece of America.


One definition of the above: To each her Religion

Harley Davidson “But customers said the negative reaction is overblown.” Reaction! It’s an attack on America. Million man march for Islam! The Muslims are trying to counter the thousands of bikers who have rode against them, and the thousands who will. If the ragheads don’t like how America is they should leave. Better yet, even if they do like it, they should leave!!! I believe Harley Davidsons reaction to this is a good thing. It shows that the Anti Islam Community is a force to be Reckoned with! Soon the Islamic Cult will want their flags flown in America on their Holidays.The sad thing is our LAME politicians we now have in office will be the first to fold. I say Fuck Islam. So do the Men in the picture below.


Lets not forget The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the subjection of the entire world to Islam.

Live free

Islam is.