Like his pals at designated terrorist organization CAIR, Muslim far leftist Dean Obeidalalh is whining about “Donald Trump joining ‘Muslim haters’ for anti-Iran deal rally” in D.C.


“Yes, it can get worse, and it is,” says Obeidallah of Palestinian Muslim heritage. “So now the Donald is speaking next week at an anti-Iran deal rally sponsored by three anti-Islamization so-called (by Muslims) ‘hate’ groups.”

Daily Beast Not only has he served up harsh, hateful rhetoric about (illegal) immigrants, and attracting support of anti-Islam ‘hate’ groups, Donald Trump along with Ted Cruz, are scheduled to speak at anti Iran deal rally in Washington D.C., co-sponsored by three groups that have a long stoked hate versus Muslims: The Center for Security Policy, Tea Party Patriots, and the Zionist Organization of America. The worst best of the three, by far, is Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy.


For those unaware, let me give you a quick primer on Gaffney and his jihad against Muslims. Gaffney is not a run-of-the-mill Muslim hater. As the  Communist-funded Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that has been tracking hate groups (but no Muslim terrorist groups) since the 1970s, notes, Gaffney is “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes.” That’s pretty impressive considering the number of people engaged in anti-Muslim hatred in America today.

Gaffney, who the SPLC notes was “once a respectable Washington insider,” has served up some of the most toxic incriminations toward Muslims. Gaffney was the person behind Michele Bachmann’s outlandish accurate claims in 2012 that there had been “deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Gaffney himself has claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated every part of the “U.S. government and civil institutions.” Gaffney even publicly praised Joe McCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee and called for Congress “to establish a new and improved counterpart” to root our Muslims in our government who are not loyal to our country.

The other two groups co-sponsoring the anti-Iran deal rally, the Zionist of America (ZOA) and Tea Party Patriots (TPP) also have a troubling record (at least according to far leftists and muslims). The TPP has hosted the anti-Muslim leader Pam Geller at their events.


And the ZOA has decried the term “Islamophobia,” writing on its website that the fear of Muslims is not an “irrational fear of an imaginary threat, which is what the word ‘phobia’ denotes.” Rather, ZOA argues it’s justifiable given the acts of terror carried out by Muslims.


Do I think that documenting the hateful history of the groups co-sponsoring the rally will sway Trump to cancel?  Of course not. In fact, I bet if you asked Trump about Muslims, he would say “I love the Muslims,” just like he “loves Latinos,” while inciting hate against their entire community with his fear mongering.

Like the Muslim World

But the GOP front-runner appears to be moving from simply having hate groups support him to attending events sponsored by them. (So says a major proponent of hatred for people who fear the very real threat that Muslims pose to America and the world)