GOOD NEWS CANADA! Muslims furious that Quebec will NOT criminalize criticism and mockery of Islam

Influential Muslim cleric makes veiled threats that unless Quebec passes Anti-Blasphemy Bill 59 the way he wants it, there will be hell to pay.


Ledevoir (h/t Susan K)  The current draft of Bill 59 gives the Court of Human Rights the right to impose a fine of $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 to anyone promoting hate speech and inciting violence against a group of persons protected by the Article 10 of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms – women, homosexuals, visible minorities, religious groups, etc.

However, Quebec Prime Minister Philippe Couillard wants the scope of the bill 59 to be amended so that it ONLY prohibits speech where there is a “direct call to violence.” The purpose is not to reduce the freedom of expression in QuebecWe can talk nonsense. We can say all sorts of offensive things, but we can not call to violence.

Elmenyawi considers that the denigration of religion and prophets is a personal attack against the Muslims, and that the prohibition of denigration prevent the radicalization of young Muslims. In other words, it calls freedom of expression in Quebec is bounded by the Sharia.

Imam Salam Elmenyawi, representative of the Muslim Council of Montreal, in video below, urged the Minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée,  to make Bill 59 a an anti-blasphemy bill, “which would punish anyone ridiculing religion.“ (But of course, everyone knows he’s only talking about the Islamic religion)  “You can insult me, but do not insult my religion,” Elmenyawi told a parliamentary committee.

The bill is  “totally incompatible with the foundations of a free and democratic society,” argued the spokesman of Lawyers for the defense of equality and fundamental freedoms, Julius Grey and Julie Latour, in the National Assembly.


Bill 59 will thus be amended to clarify    demarcation   “Between the acceptable and the unacceptable, the permit and prohibited.”   It must be explicit and defined. The line for me is direct call to violence   “Has he said, trying to allay the concerns of advocates of freedom of expression.”

In addition, Mr. Couillard has brushed aside the hand application of Imam Salam Elmenyawi to review Bill 59 to make it illegal to make fun of religion.   Of course we can make fun of religions   “He said.

Obviously this Muslim does not understand that freedom of expression  includes the right to say offensive things about any religion, EVEN Islam.