This is a post from a link I found on my account. 

This is translated from Slovene. I couldn’t get the full gist of it, but there were a couple of statements I understood clearly. There needs to be a bit more serious form of Anti-Islam in the EU. A post I had was used as an example of truth.
Screenshot from 2015-08-31 17:09:41In the end he make a quote: “In times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Orwell

I have felt the censorship imposed on us in America has left most people blinded to the truth. Is there deceit being used on the American Public??? It’s odd on Youtube I can watch people getting killed all day long. Probably sit there for weeks watching the videos of some really gruesome acts. Yet when it comes to acts of terrorism the videos are taken right down. Why??? What is the difference? There are things people don’t want us to know about. Islamacide is a way for me to try to help others see the truth. There are no “Donation Buttons” on my page. I do what I do with the hope it helps and educates others to the serious issues that are coming our way. And to the pains and sorrow of those who are now living the nightmare. Others have already learned diplomacy does nothing. Why are there so many ignorant people is the U.S? Our country is about to take a big turn. Much bigger than 9-11. We need someone in office who is ready to fight for our right to live in peace!