Killing ISIS (Uncensored full mini-documentary)

I found this video to be very interesting. The politics of the middle east I don’t believe will ever be sorted out. I remember when Obama said he had no plan to defeat ISIS. The result of that has been Muslim killing Muslim in the masses. What could be better??? Maybe we need to keep dropping weapons to them as we have done. Is there truly a moderate Muslim group? Some of our vet’s say there are some good people over there. What I question though is what will these  “good people” do when they come into power. Will they still be stoning their young Daughters to death because she refuses an arranged marriage, or puts on makeup? I have stopped believing there is such a thing as a “good Muslim” the book they study and believe in instructs them to kill the infidel. So yeah under their rule I would need to die. And if your views are not as radical as theirs, and you refused to worship Allah then you too would die. They will find fault somewhere, it seems they are a blood thirsty people who will never be at peace.  I believe it is coming down to a us or them situation. Coexist no longer exist. To the Bloody End!