DEARBORNISTAN: Muslims outraged over photoshopped sign showing what Muslims say behind your back

OOPS…can’t have anyone exposing the Muslim supremacist playbook smack dab in the middle of the jihad capital of America – Dearborn, Michigan.


Detroit News  MUSLIM Community leaders in Dearborn are outraged and speaking out. They’re furious over a Photoshopped image of a sign spreading quickly on social media.

It’s a heinous hoax popping up online and being shared through social media sites like Facebook. A Photoshopped fake sign that includes the message “America we will kill you and nothing you can do to stop it.” (Fake? The signs posted below beg to differ)


Osama Siblani calls it nothing short of spreading hate. The head of the Arab American News telling us someone too cowardly to identify themselves has tried to pass this off as a real sign in Dearborn.

Civil rights attorney and chairman of the Arab American Civil Rights League Nabih Ayad is also sickened by this. He believes whoever started circulating the bogus billboard could also be hoping it leads someone to violence.