Oh, NOES! FBI report claims armed militia groups are threatening violence against Muslims, mosques, and Islamic institutions across America

 An internal FBI memo obtained by Public Intelligence, the independent news research group, reported last May that extremist and armed American militia groups were planning a campaign of violence targeting Muslim and Arab institutions such as mosques and schools. Finally something may happen to rid ourselves of this infestation of islam!

The Arab Daily News  The FBI bulletin was released to police agencies around the country weeks prior to a planned anti-Muslim rally in front of a Phoenix Mosque that was held on May 29, 2015 and drew more than 250 protestors who denounced the “evils of Islam.” (And was totally peaceful)

The unclassified FBI bulletin, obtained by Public Intelligence, begins, “Militia extremists are expanding their target sets to include Muslims and Islamic religious institutions in the United States. This has resulted in increased violent rhetoric and plotting and has the potential to lead, over the long term, to additional harassment of or violence against Muslims by domestic extremists.”

no-go jihad training camps

According to the FBI report, the domestic terrorists were contemplating kidnapping Muslim Americans and even beheading them in “retaliation” for violence in the Middle East by Islamic extremists like the Islamic State (ISIS) which has beheaded dozens of prisoners and burned others to death.

The report said that specific militia leaders and groups were targeting Americans who are Muslim as a part of the campaign to fight back against ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East. The primary targets are Mosques, Muslim schools, Muslim community centers, and Muslim organizations.


The 7-page memo targets Muslims across the country but names specific states including Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Montana, New York, North and South Carolina, Utah, and Texas.

Among the extremists footnoted in the report is the “extreme rightwing online website WND” (WorldNetDaily) which published a report asserting that “Jihadists” were planning to attack American targets. (Click to view) WND asserted there are 35 Jihadist training camps in the United States. (There ARE)


The bulletin also comes int he wake of increasing reports of American businesses declaring themselves “Muslim Free Zones.” Several businesses in Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma and Arkansas have posted signs declaring they will not serve Muslims and that they are “Muslim Free Zones.”