Baghdad: ISIS Beheaded 4 Christian Children — They Said ‘We Love Jesus’

Baghdad: ISIS Beheaded 4 Christian Children -- They Said 'We Love Jesus' #7290

Canon White, known as the “Vicar of Baghdad” because of his church there, St. George’s, talked about the murders during an interview in Israel earlier this month with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).  White, who was being hunted by Islamic State jihadis in Iraq, was ordered to go to Israel several weeks ago by his religious superior, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Canon White, who has multiple sclerosis that slightly affects his speech and movement, told CBN, “Things have gotten so bad in Iraq. They came to one of our people the other day, one of the Christians — two days, two stories. They said to one man, an adult, ‘Either you say the words of converting to Islam or we kill all your children.'”

“He was desperate, he said the words,” related Canon White.  “And then he phoned me and said, ‘Abouna, Abouna [Father], I said the words, does that mean that Yeshua [Jesus] doesn’t love me any more? I said those words because I couldn’t see my children being killed. I said, ‘Elias, no, Jesus still loves you, he will always love you.'”

Canon White continued, “A few days later, another story of some of our young people. ISIS turned up and they  said to the children, ‘You say the words that you will follow Mohammed.'”

“The children, all under 15, four of them,” he recounted, “they said, ‘No, we love Yeshua, we have always loved Yeshua, we have always followed Yesua. Yeshua has always been with us.’ They said, ‘Say the words!’ They said, ‘No, we can’t.'”

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