WAKE-UP CALL? The savage murders of 2 Swedes at IKEA by Muslim illegals spurs a revolt against Sweden’s suicidal open-door policy for Muslims


On September 15th, Swedes will take to the streets to demand the resignation of the current leftist regime that has turned one of the safest, most beautiful countries in the world into a hotbed of Muslim violence, crime, terror, rape, and now Islamic beheadings, too.



Exponerat  (h/t Susan K) Apparently, being singled out as the rape capital of Europe due to massive Muslim immigration wasn’t enough.  Nor was the forcing out of elderly Swedes from their residences to make room for Muslim illegals, or the 55 NO GO Zones where non-Muslims dare not go.


Not to mention the record highs in shooting, stabbings, car burnings, and explosions in Muslim-dominant areas like Malmo. But the savage murder of a mother and her son at an IKEA store by two Muslim asylum seekers seems to have shock the laid back Swedes out of their stupor of complacency.


Facebook group “Demonstration resign” announces a demonstration that will turn be held on the 15th of September. The demonstration’s goal is to force the resignation of the incumbent pro-Muslim invasion government Löfven – a government that is turning on its own citizens to accommodate tens of thousands of Muslim welfare whores, thugs, and jihadists every year.


 We demand a government that puts the safety and dignity of Swedish citizens first.” 

In Sweden 2015:

* 30 deadly explosions by Muslim in Malmö so far this year 
* 55 No Go Zones- denied by our Interior Minister 
* Gang rape of children and women at shocking levels 
* Countelsss shootings and Muslim gangs 
* Hundreds of car torchings
* Multiple Honor killings 
* Forced Child Marriage allowed 
* Sharia-compliant media black out 
* 225,000 Seniors are being denied housing or kicked out of their housing to make room for Muslim immigrants
* Acceptance of organized begging in the streets
* No background checks on new Muslim arrivals 
* Brutal and savage murders by Muslims at rates never seen before


The list goes on all that our government permits made in the quest to be a humanitarian superpower. Following the savage beheading and murders of two Swedish citizens at an IKEA store was the last straw. If you feel like us, you are cordially invited to attend. Your vote is important-you are important. We gather at Riksgatan, Reichstag at 09.00 and expect to be there until 15:00.