FRANCE: Muslim illegal alien thugs are terrorizing the residents of Calais, making them virtual prisoners in their homes, afraid to go out

The police do little to nothing about it, yet the fire department will not enter the area without a police escort. Muslim illegals are flooding Calais, trying to get to the UK, while wreaking havoc on the local population. If you dare to complain, YOU get arrested.


Police go out of their way to not to incite the violent Muslims, regularly ignoring calls for help from residents when Muslim thugs try to break into their homes. If you dare to complain, you get arrested and accused of “racism” and “islamophobia.” France is no longer for the French but for all the welfare whores and criminals from the Muslim world, funded by French taxpayers who are, in reality, financing their own demise. Think you are exempt? We will soon see this in every country that has opened its doors to  these Muslim reprobates.