Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron’s girlfriend, Amirah Droudis, admits to being a terrorist in video below

Man Haron Monis, born Manteghi Boroujerdi but known as Sheikh Haron, was identified as the Islamic terrorist who held several people hostage in a café in Sydney, resulting in 3 deaths. He was out on bail on a charge of colluding with girlfriend, Amirah Droudis, to murder his ex-wife, who was stabbed 18 times and set on fire in 2013, allegedly by the girlfriend.

Man Haron Monis aka Sheik Haron aka Manteghi Bourjerdi (real name), 49

Daily Mail  On December 12 last year, Monis, 49, and girlfriend, Amirah Droudis, 34, who is charged with murder, were both released on bail reportedly because the prosecution case against them for the death of Noleen Hayson Pal was considered ‘weak’.

Telegraph  The man behind the shocking siege in a Sydney café was Man Haron Monis, a notorious 49-year-old self-proclaimed sheikh and his girlfriend, were well known for multiple crimes including sending offensive letters to grieving families of dead Australian soldiers and allegedly murdering his ex-wife. 

In October, he was chanrged with 40 indecent and sexual assault charges, including 22 counts of aggravated sexual assault and 14 counts of aggravated indecent assault relating to six women.  In 2002 he faced charges of sexually assaulting a woman and of joining with his current girlfriend to stab his ex-wife to death in Sydney last year.

Sheikh Haron and girlfriend, Amirah Droudis, 34

Monis and Amirzh Droudis were arrested on November 15 last year and charged. Evidence given during a bail hearing in Penrith Local Court last December said a witness saw Ms Hayson Pal having fluid poured on her and set alight by a woman wearing a ‘black cape’ and a headscarf, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The lawyer who acted for both Monis and Ms Droudis last December, Manny Conditsis, told Daily Mail Australia the pair had been granted bail because the charges of accessory to murder and murder were based on ‘circumstantial’ evidence. This is despite the fact that Monis had prior convictions – for writing malicious letters to the families of Australian soldiers who died in Afghanistan – and the outstanding charges over allegations of indecent and sexual assault relating to his career as ‘a spiritual healer’.

He was due in court due in court in February next year for the sexual assault charges which stem from his western Sydney practice as a ‘spiritual healer’ and black magic practitioner. The charges included 22 counts of aggravated sexual assault and 14 counts of aggravated indecent assault against seven women.

In below video, Amirah Droudis admits to being a terrorist.

5 thoughts on “Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron’s girlfriend, Amirah Droudis, admits to being a terrorist in video below

  1. Leave no stone unturned and watch Amirah Droudis 24/7. Terrorist inclined persons are not wanted in Australia and the Government must rid Australia of all terrorist type activity. Man Haron Monis was a wake up call.


  2. Man Haron Monis could now have begun a terrorists’ trail in Australia and the Government must ensure that nothing like the acts of Monis ever occurs again. Every suspicious radical/extremist must come under A.S.I.O watch. What Monis did was not a game. It was a dead serious act that resulted in 2 deaths. Had the police not intervened at that moment at the Lindt Cafe, perhaps a lot more lives would have been lost. The N.S.W police did a brilliant job of blasting that bastard Monis before more than 2 persons were killed. If caught alive, Monis should have been thrown in a pig pen and forced to suck on a pig’s private parts for good measure ! Before parading him around Sydney, naked, with his dick up his arse !


  3. Years prior to the horrible incidents at the Lindt Cafe, Man Haron Monis was already known to have a string of serious offences. And Monis had only one thing on his mind that day. To kill ordinary people in order to drive his point across. Monis was a very dangerous individual and the Government should have watched him like a hawk, from the outset. Nobody has a right to end lives and Monis thought it was HIS right to kill. Had Monis escaped police gunfire, he would probably still be planning to exterminate more lives. Countries like Singapore, China, North Korea and Russia would not put up with persons like Monis. Monis was a mentally retarded prick and deserved to have a pig’s snout forced up his arse ! His religion is just a cover up for his evil deeds. And he is no sheikh at all. Just a retarded fuckwit, with his genitals in his head ! And if it happened with Monis, it could very well happen again.


  4. Man Haron Monis came, made history and is now gone from this planet. A lone violent criminal, seeking world attention. Monis deserved to be killed and he asked for it. Trying to kill Australians, using his religion to justify his actions. The bastard is dead and the world is better off for it. A sex pervert and a dead loss to Australian society. Had Monis done this in China or North Korea, he would have had his organs blown out of his body while alive. Monis has no balls at all. And a self styled fucked up arsehole sheikh is what he really was.


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