ARKANSAS: MUSLIM hackers target Little Rock school district website


The video playing on the site read “Hacked by MECA” – the Middle East Cyber Army. According to its Facebook and Twitter pages, it appears to be a muslim group dedicated to cyber attacks around the ‘infidel’ world.


FOX 16  (h/t burkasrugly) If you typed in in the search engine around 7am Friday morning, chances are a hacking message popped up. “I don’t like it. It doesn’t make me comfortable,” says Jason Spees, LRSD Parent.

Uncomfortable with the images and words displayed on the homescreen and the possible threat it could have on his two boys. “I think they should notify everybody when there’s what could potentially be a terroristic threat. And that’s what that is to me,” he says. “It’s a little shocking to be informed of it,” he says.


Another parent I spoke with didn’t see it, but learned about the hack through an automated call from the school district around noon. “It basically said there had been a cyber attack against the district’s landing page on their website,” says Mandy Shoptaw, LRSD Parent.

Shortly after, that message from LRSD was relayed via email to parents and staff saying, “No student, parent, or personnel data was compromised.  That information is housed on separate servers.  When we discovered the unauthorized information on the landing page, it was immediately removed.”

In an email, LRSD says it’s investigating this incident and will provide additional details when they become available. We talked to the FBI and Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, both agencies were unaware of LRSD’s website getting hacked.×2&auto_start=0&pf_id=9202&rel=3&show_title=0&va_id=5501053&volume=8&windows=1