WALMART is selling Islamic decorations for Christmas…from the ‘You can’t make this stuff up’ file, Merry Christmas Allah :)

Wandering through the Christmas décor section, we found something we never imagined we would see. Nestled among the stars, angels, Santas, and those pointy things, was an Islamic crescent moon with a star. Not a happy, smiling, man-in-the-moon crescent moon … no, this was a crescent and star ornament that could only symbolize one religion: Islam.


Nothing says “Ramahanukwanzmas” quite like your very own Coexistence Shrub, and no progressive family can truly celebrate the “happy holidays” without the Ambiguously Islamic Shrub Topper. No more passive-aggressive liberal-socialist-progressive-statist brow beating at your winter party this year. Get the ambiguously Islamic Shrub Topper today!

Steve Deace (h/t Shoebat)  So, if it’s not meant for Coexisters, maybe it was meant for Muslims, right? I mean, we’ve been hearing for months about more and more major corporations who have begun to cater directly to the Islamic minority. In fact, just last month, a number of outlets reported that Walmart was beginning to offer “halal” foods.


But a Christmas tree topper for Muslims? Not likely. You see, putting up a Christmas tree, even if a Muslim is not celebrating Christmas, is considered “haram” (forbidden) under Islamic teaching. There is no “peaceful coexistence” for Muslims and the “kuffar” (the derogatory term for Bible-believing Christians and Jews) or the “zalimoon” (the derogatory term for Coexisters).

You think maybe Walmart missed the video of this Muslim cleric saying: “Wishing someone Merry Christmas is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol or killing a person?”