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     The Fall of Islam is coming. I believe people everywhere are starting to see it is no religion at all. It is a VIOLENT Cult that is doomed to fail. More Muslims than ever are killing each other. There is no need for us to really do anything but to give them more weapons to massacre and destroy each other. It is a huge power struggle that is going to decrease the world population by millions. All ready has and they are talking decade long wars. I deeply feel for all of you who are in countries that are at war in your own streets. I would fight and die for you and your children if I could. Right now this is my way of doing all I can to help. Media can be a powerful tool. I will be switching over to expand I pray that what ever Gods may be, that they are with you in the crusade to rid ourselves of the Islamic threat that really does exist to each and everyone of us. There is a great site called Barenakedislam. Some refer to it as BNI. Their Motto “It isn’t Islamophobia when they are really trying to kill you! That is a very true statement. What has Islam contributed to society in the last 1400 years? Nothing! Death, living as parasites off of welfare systems that were created to help good people in need. Raping, oppressing, exploiting women and children etc etc etc. Some will say I am not educated as to what Islam really is? Its a fact, it is not our words that speak the truth. It is our behaviors that show who we really are. There are good and bad people in all religions but Islam seems to be the only religion where it is mandatory that we be exterminated if we do not pray to Allah 5 times a day, and adhere to their demented “religious” views. Fuck Allah and the pig he rode in on. These people if you can call em that are not satisfied to just live. The men want to go get their sexual reward from god. Make any sense to you. Doe’s to me, some moron named Mohammad says kill a person who doe’s not pay me, or adhere to what I want and you will get young virgin boys and girls. These guys missed the bus. In any case right now they are killing more Muslims by far than anything else. I say lets give em all the guns and ammo they need to rid ourselves of Islam. Will just do a little cleaning up after they are done destroying their own people and cities. I hope you live in a country that is going to rid themselves of these Neanderthals called Muslims. I leave you with some pictures to show you where I get my views from. Islam, religion of pieces.






I watched the above beheading, imagine what this young man is feeling at this moment? I think his face says it all.