To the world, a thanks from me to all my followers. This is a war we can and will win!

One at a time if necessary the Muslim population of this world is decreasing! There is no hope that Islam will ever accept us, as we have them in a world where we just want peace. Are their peaceful Muslims yes. But these people need to find away to get away, and distance themselves from the Islamic Cult and their Bible that is no Bible at all. A book written by a sick person “Muhammad”  Some of us have choices. For those of you who don’t please never stop believing there are those of us who care about you. We want you to have the same joys, peace, and opportunities we have in our lives. I look at my stats and am amazed at how many places on this earth my blog is reaching. I not only stand for myself, and America. I stand for all of the decent people of this World. I will live, fight and die if need be for you. We may all see God a little differently? That is okay, I found a poem many years ago. I do not know what is absolutely the truth to myself. This poem became my Prayer. It is called Invictus. We all have something we can do to stop the horror. Do what you can, maybe these words will help you as they did me. May “Whatever Gods may Be,” be with you and keep you safe!