GREAT NEWS! Kennesaw, Georgia City Council votes to DENY mosque permit in shopping center

The City Council denied a request by Muslim residents to use space in a retail shopping center as a prayer center by a 4-1 vote Monday night, with only Councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh voting in favor. The Obama Regime and Eric Holder now making plans to sue as they have done so many times before.

UPDATE! Designated terrorist organization CAIR is already planning a lawsuit

Such disputes are common in the United States, said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in Washington. “It’s been our experience that any time a Muslim community anywhere seeks to expand or establish a mosque or some other kind of institution, there will be some type of opposition,” Hooper said. “When you scratch the surface, often there is a tremendous level of bigotry and stereotyping in the opposition.”


MDJ Online  Doug Dillard, the attorney representing the applicant, Suffa Dawat Center at Kennesaw, said the council’s denial was a blatant attack on the applicant’s First Amendment rights to practice religion freely. Dillard said the applicant, Mufti Islam, will fight back, and he has plans to bring a lawsuit against the city.

“We think it’s discriminatory, and it violates equal terms,” Dillard said. “They had no reason to deny this.” (Yes, they did, they understand the threat that Muslims are in America)

Nayyer Islam, who represents the mosque, said they will continue to fight for their right to worship in the retail center. We’ll follow all the legal ways to continue to get the permit,” Islam said. (In other words, we’ll get Brother Obama to force our mosque on a community that doesn’t want it)

Strip Mall where Muslims want to impose themselves

Kennesaw Strip Mall where Muslims want to impose their filthy religion

Eaton-Welsh said the applicant did everything he could. “I’m saddened,” Eaton-Welsh said. “The amount of anger that has come out of this was not something I ever thought Kennesaw was all about.” (You should give them credit for being educated, not ignorant leftists like you)

The application asked for the use of a 2,200-square-foot suite in a shopping center off Jiles Road as a prayer hall for Muslims. The shopping center, called Kennesaw Commons, is at 2750 Jiles Road behind a Publix grocery store off Cobb Parkway. 

A group of about 10 protestors gathered outside Kennesaw’s City Hall on Monday evening ahead of the vote waving American flags and signs saying “no mosque.” About 20 other residents gathered to attend the meeting.


I love to see images like this. Proud Americans!!!!

Karen Untz, who traveled to Kennesaw from Cumming to protest the mosque, said she was pleased with the council’s decision. “(Muslims) are moving into all these small towns, and they’re camping out,” Untz said. “There’s no such thing as a temporary mosque. They claim the space and they teach Shariah law.”

Chad Legere of Mableton stood outside City Hall while the council discussed the issue waving signs in protest. He said he doesn’t want the United States to become the next Europe. “There’s a way to stop Shariah law from getting into our country, and that’s what we’re doing,” Legere said. Legere, who held a flag bearing the Star of David, said he thinks a mosque will bring radical Muslims to the community who will make the area unsafe.


Another protestor, Lynn Conner of Kennesaw, said she protested the prayer center because she is scared of what Muslims stand for. “I wanted to exercise my First Amendment rights while I still can, and I wanted to protect the Christian community that I live in against infiltration by the enemy who has gone on record with the goal to destroy everything we stand for,” Conner said.


The brother of the applicant, Kashit Islam of Kennesaw, who said he is a Muslim, said the people against the mosque have a biased view of his religion (And rightly so). “They’re totally isolated here based on what the news shows them. They’re just basing their decision on what’s going on in Iraq and Syria. (No, they’ve seen the beheadings of Americans by Muslims in America as well as overseas) We’re not like that,” Islam said. (Oh Yes, you ARE)