Majority of Americans say CIA tactics detailed in Senate’s ‘torture’ report were justified!

51 say controversial techniques used on detainees after 9/11 were acceptable. American Torture

They are given clean water above.

Oh and yelled at. In prisons throughout the United States inmates who become out of control are handled in many ways that could be considered torture but it is not. Those Americans who crossed the lines  in these interrogations were not awarded. They were sentenced and imprisoned for their actions. You can view their criminal convictions online. Now lets take a tiny look into the way they treat their citizens.

Everyday Islamic torture, I could sit here and post

pictures all day long of sharia Law! Women,

Last nights Honor killing is picture to the right.

What did she do wrong, Tell her father that she didn’t want to have sex with him any more? You think I am wrong? Strong possibility I am right on the money. Read the news in the United States about Islamic Fathers having children with their daughters. That’s okay for them to do. Just as it was okay and highly approved to kill your daughter as this Man “Hate to call him that” Did.

Picture below. Atheist are the worse of all.

I believe Americans are starting to see that we can not have all these rules, the the people we are combating have none. I read an article, printed it that 100 Detainees “May” have died as a result of CIA interrogation methods. Seriously 100. Read what the Islamic Religion has done just today. But where are the people who are outraged with them? They are keeping their mouths shut because they are cowards who are to afraid to speak up and say it is Muslims who are REALLY torturing and killing people. Look on the Internet. See for yourselves. Each and everyday people are suffering in ways that we would never inflict upon those who even really deserved it. This puts us at a great disadvantage. The new rules of war is why these atrocities are happening, it’s because we are limited in our capabilities of helping those who need it because some innocent people may die. So we choose to let hundreds of thousands be butchered, because we cant risk collateral casualties. It is ludicrous! Do you agree?

A majority of Americans believe the harsh interrogation tactics detailed in last week’s Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s handling of prisoners after the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks were warranted, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds.

The survey — conducted following the release of the committee’s long-awaited report on the CIA’s controversial techniques — found 51 percent of Americans approved of the tactics, while 28 percent said they went too far.

The results virtually match a Pew Research Center poll that also found 51 percent believe the CIA’s methods were justified, while 29 percent said they were not. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Tuesday found 59 percent approved of the CIA’s tactics, while 31 percent disapproved. The same poll found roughly half of Americans believe the CIA treatment of suspected terrorists amounted to torture, while 38 percent said it did not.

“Under any common meaning of the term, CIA detainees were tortured,” Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Dianne Feinstein said in releasing the report, which, itself, does not use the word torture.

On Sunday, former Vice President Dick Cheney defended the program, refusing to call practices “involuntary rectal feeding” outlined in the report “torture.”

“We were very careful to stop short of torture,” Cheney said on “Meet the Press” Sunday. “The Senate has seen fit to label their report torture. But we worked hard to stay short of that definition.”

Cheney said he defines torture as “an American citizen on a cell phone making a last call to his four young daughters shortly before he burns to death in the upper levels of the Trade Center in New York City on 9/11.”

Te program was justified, he said, because all of the techniques “were authorized by the president,” “blessed by the Justice Department” and “absolutely worked.”

“We’ve avoided another mass casualty attack against the United States,” the former vice president said. “And we did capture Bin Laden. We did capture an awful lot of the senior guys at al-Qaida who were responsible for that attack on 9/11. I’d do it again in a minute.”

It seems many Americans tend to agree. According to the NBC News/WSJ survey, 45 percent think such techniques should be used in the future, while 28 percent did not.

The survey also found a partisan split on the issue of torture. Among Republicans, an overwhelming majority (80 percent) said the Bush-era practices were acceptable, while just nine percent said they went too far. Among Democrats, 32 percent said the techniques were acceptable under the circumstances, while 44 percent said they were unacceptable.

The full results of the poll, conducted Dec. 10-14, will be released Wednesday.

Meet the Christian soldiers fighting for their lives against ISIS – Middle East Israel News | Haaretz

With little of no military experience, Syrians from the oldest Christian community in the world are taking up arms against ISIS — with training from a former club owner in Switzerland.

Members of the MFS.

MALIKIYA, Syria – Commander Johan Cosar stands on the rooftop of an abandoned home in the Syriac Christian village of Gharduka, about 60 kilometers southwest of Malikiya in Syria’s northeastern corner. He points toward a vast field: “That’s where Islamic State is, one and half kilometers from here,” he says, referring to the organization that is also known as ISIS or ISIL.

The rundown building serves as a military base for the Syriac Military Council (also known as MFS), the Syrian-based military branch of the Mesopotamian National Council, an international organization founded to aid Syriac communities around the world. The soldiers, members of the oldest Christian community in the world, are fighting a battle to keep their identity alive and their homeland from falling into the hands of what they call foreign invaders. They work hand-in-hand with the community’s security force, Sutoro.

DIY jihad in a Sydney cafe >> Anshel Pfeffer

The violence and targeting of minorities by radical jihadist groups including Islamic State has led tens of thousands of Christians to flee their towns and villages in Iraq and Syria.

Cosar, an Italian-Swiss of Syriac origin, helped found MFS. In June 2012 the 32-year-old former club owner left Switzerland for Syria in order to better understand the civil war.

“At the time the north of Syria had not been touched by the violence of the war, but it was moving this way, so I said ‘We need to do something,” he explains.

Cosar took it upon himself to train young Syriac men who had taken up arms but had very little or no military experience: “The idea was to create an internal military force that could defend the territory and towns of our people and other civilians, there was a primary need to organize ourselves militarily,” Cosar says. The formation of the MFS combat units was officially announced on January 8, 2013.

The training is akin to what Cosar received in the Swiss Armed Forces. The men are trained in both light and heavy weaponry, including hand grenades, sniper rifles, Kalashnikov assault rifles and Russian-made “Dushka” heavy machine guns. Hundreds of youths have gone through it and while the majority of them are over 18, some appear to be younger.

Afram Elias stands in front of the Sutoro logo (Basher Talate)

“We’ve trained them on how to use arms safely, the weapon needs to be a part of you. You should have control of the weapon, not vice versa,” explains Cosar. He says there have not yet been any fatalities, but a few of his men have been injured in battle.

“As Christians we are not only fighting against the Islamic state, we are fighting against a state that hates us. Our situation is a bit more dangerous,” he adds, as plumes of black smoke from the Islamic State’s improvised oil refineries mushroom into the sky.

In a war that has created deep cleavages between religious and ethnic communities in Syria and given rise to an infinite number of splinter groups, MFS has chosen to maintain close ties with the Kurds, under whose local administration it operates. There is close coordination, and incursions are often carried out jointly with the main Kurdish militia, the People’s Protection Units, also known as YPG. “We’re one body with two heads. Each does their own thing, but at the end we have the same goal,” says Cosar.

Members of the MFS at a military post (Basher Talate)

The “marriage” of the region’s different groups is mirrored in the local administration of Jazira, the self-proclaimed autonomous canton that includes Malikiya. Jazira’s president, Akram Hesso, who is sometimes referred to as prime minister, is Kurdish, while his deputies, Elizabeth Gawrie and Hussein Taza Al Azam, are Syriac and Arab, respectively.

“There are no eyes in Syria that have not cried. Our people have suffered a lot and have been pushed from their lands. To get back what we had we need democracy,” Gawrie says, adding that diplomacy alone will not accomplish this: “We need the military too, and they have given hope to the Syriac community.”

While Cosar is adamant that the protection provided by MFS is not limited to the Syriac people, he admitted that relations with the Arab community living under their rule were strained.

As he explains this, a car rumbles toward the base from Islamic State territory. Cosar points at the vehicle and recounts that many civilians commute back and forth for work. “They go up and down, but some aren’t ordinary civilians, they come here to report back to Islamic State fighters. We take precautions, especially against suicide bombers.”

Though the front had been relatively calm for a few months, in September there were a number of fierce clashes that resulted in the MFS’ liberation of over 20 villages. The rubble of a church and a desecrated Christian cemetery next to the base are the only physical evidence of the battles.

In the ethnically-mixed town of Tirbesipiye, a 15-minute drive from the front, Sutoro leader Afram Elias relates that relations between the Arab and Syriac peoples have been badly damaged. He sits on a plastic chair outside Sutoro headquarters, quietly sipping tea. He says he was a tailor in Aleppo until the war pushed him to take up his current job.

Johan stands inside the remains of a church that was destroyed by IS (Sofia Barbarani)

“The Syriac people are afraid because we are a target for the Islamic State,” he says, relating that 15 days earlier a 24-year-old Syriac man was kidnapped by the Islamic State as he was driving his truck through an Arab village. “They were checking IDs and saw that he was Christian and kidnapped him,” Elias says.

“We take up these weapons because it is necessary for us to protect the region, not because we like weapons,” says Elias, who once delighted in making dresses that brought happiness to women.

He says he has seen many members of his community leave the region in hope of finding safety and stability elsewhere, and he worries that the homeland of the Christian Syriac people will be emptied of what many claim were its original inhabitants. “Day by day the Christian community is disappearing from this region,” he says.

To a people that was once under the oppressive rule of the Assad regime and now lives in fear of ruthless Sunni insurgents, the establishment of the Syriac Christian military and security forces has brought a sense of relative safety and is a step toward reclaiming what they view as their rightful homeland.

“It’s a shame to lose thousands of years of history,” Cosar says. “At war no one gives you anything, if I want my identity I need to do something about it. But the people fighting this war are not only fighting for their own interests, they’re fighting for democracy and to be able to live with a sense of dignity. With the dignity of a human being,” adds the Syriac commander.

A young members of the MFS poses in front of the group’s acronym (Sofia Barbarani)

Leftist apologists for Islam falling all over themselves trying to take the ‘Islam’ out of Islamic terrorism

“That Sydney Sheikh, he’s a phony Muslim cleric. He just wants to kill people. That’s not what, you know, Islam is calling for – to kill people at the cafe.”

(Well, can’t argue with him there, Islam is calling for the killing of people all over the world, not just in a Sydney cafe)

Why wasn’t this guy in prison? Murder, Sexual assaults? No prisons in Sydney? Don’t get me wrong I love the 90% of good people who live there. Just trying to understand why this gut wasn’t in prison.

ISIS reported to be using bombs containing live SCORPIONS as its latest terror weapon in Iraq

Canisters of the creatures are being blasted into villages. A British military expert said: “It’s madness. ISIS jihadists have improvised devices to launch them.”


UK Mirror  “They promote the fact that they are doing it and it creates panic. “Scorpions are robust – even if they are launched a couple of miles, when the canister breaks thousands are flung out and start crawling all around. “Some scorpions are very poisonous but the main thing is creating fear.”

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, ex-head of chemical and biological weapons for the Army and Nato, said the 2ft bombs were not causing mass casualties but had a massive “psychological impact”. Mr de Bretton-Gordon – of Avon Protection Systems – returned from Baghdad last week, where he was advising security forces.

Senior Iraqi officials reported the beasts were being used to target civilian areas in the north of the country. The weapon harks back to the scorpions stuffed into pots and launched by Iraqis thousands of years ago – in 198 AD. They were defending themselves against the Roman invasion.


#IllNotRideWithYou and #IWontRideWithYou BACKLASH against the #IllRideWithYou Twitter campaign

Thank God, there is some sanity in the world, after all. Please add more of your own at: #illnotridewithyou

GERMANY: 15,000 patriots come out to support anti-Islamization protest in Dresden, but ‘dhimmi’ Chancellor Angela Merkel condemns them. I applaud them. Go Germany!!!!

We don’t want a flood of asylum seekers, we don’t want Islamization. We want to keep our country with our values. Is that so terrible? Does that make us Nazis? Is it a crime to be a patriot?– Michael Stuerzenberger, leading German counter-jihadist.

Michael Stuerzenberger

IB Times (h/t Maria J)  Fifteen thousand people marched in the eastern German city of Dresden on Monday (15 December) in protest against “asylum cheaters” and the rising “Islamisation” of the West. One of the demonstrators, Michael Stuerzenberger, said that while he is not opposed to the asylum for refugees, “70 percent of people claiming political asylum here are economic refugees. We don’t want to stay silent about this anymore.

Marking a 50% rise in attendance since the demonstration last Monday, the founder of the PatrioticEuropeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA), Lutz Bachmann, addressed the protestors saying: “The people are with us! Everywhere now, in every news rag, on every senseless talk show, they are debating, and the most important thing is: the politicians can no longer ignore us!

Germany Mosque Protest

SMH  A new grassroots movement that assails the German government for ignoring its fears of being overrun by Muslims and other immigrants attracted a record 15,000 marchers on Monday in the eastern city of Dresden. The fast-growing movement that calls itself PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, has drawn support from the far right, as well as some ordinary Germans alarmed by a sharp rise in refugees, many fleeing conflict in the Middle East.

The rallies have spread rapidly across Germany since starting with a social-media appeal in Dresden two months ago. They are now beginning to unsettle the German political establishment, which has spent decades restoring Germany’s image as an open, tolerant country after the devastation of the Nazis.

Germany Far Right

“The politicians in Germany have lost touch with the people and that’s why they can’t comprehend what’s happening here,” Lutz Bachmann, the 41-year-old gravel-voiced leader of the movement, told marchers from a makeshift stage.

At the rally on Monday, he lashed out at the media for what he said were lies about the movement, eliciting chants of “Luegenpresse! Luegenpresse!” (media lies) from a fired-up group of demonstrators, mostly white men over 40 wearing shabby clothing. Mr Bachmann started PEGIDA in October to protest plans to add 14 centres for roughly 2000 refugees in Dresden.


The number of asylum-seekers in Germany has surged to 200,000 this year, more than any other Western country, due in part to an influx of Syrians. Even though foreigners are scarce in Dresden and the Saxony region compared with other parts of Germany, Mr Bachmann’s protest reverberated and his Monday rallies have grown from a few hundred to 10,000 a week ago and now to 15,000.

Pegida Supporters March In Dresden

Marchers on Monday carried banners reading “Courage for the truth”, “Stop immigrants abusing our social welfare system” and “We miss our country”. They chanted: “If you don’t love Germany, leave it” and “We’re the people” – the slogan used by pro-democracy demonstrators whose marches in eastern cities such as Dresden led to the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas, a leading figure in the centre-left Social Democrats, has called the movement a disgrace for the country.

People like Merkal should be sent out to confront and fix the problem! Kind of like what Kerry is attempting to do. Not just sit on her fat ass in front of a camera and regurgitate fantasy land Garbage that will never be. She is part of the problem, not a solution.

SYRIA: Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists having fun with the beheaded guy

A captured Syrian soldier is verbally and physically abused by ISIS before he is beheaded (actual beheading not shown). Afterwards, they continue to berate the severed head sitting on the soldier’s chest. Then they drive the body into town and prop it up against a wall where young boys enjoy placing the severed head on top of the dead guy’s shoulders. “I remember those times in my youth don’t you”. Said with sarcasm. I would have been damaged, scared, sick. Not forgetting what I seen. These kids are not going to be normal as adults. Maybe Therapy could help? I think there is only one was this will ever go away.