I bet you didn’t know that two of the rabbis slaughtered by muslim terrorists at the Jerusalem synagogue were also beheaded?

Not surprisingly, none of the media reported this, always bending over backwards to try and make muslim savages not look as evil as they really are.

The Druze policeman and four Israeli Rabbis who were massacred by muslims

The Druze policeman and four Israeli Rabbis who were massacred by muslims.

MPaths  (h/t Liz) A small but very significant detail came out today about the brutal murderous terror attack against a synagogue of rabbis in West Jerusalem last week…

“The father of the slain hero Druze-Israeli policeman and other family members were given a tour of the synagogue (in which the terror attack occurred) and a reenactment of the events by those who experienced the horrific attack firsthand…


They kept hitting people with the ax by any means, also people who were already on the floor they continued to hit them. They were also shooting and also hitting. At a certain point after they were here for several long minutes, The hero Druze-Israeli policeman was the first who arrived. He started to shoot from outside, and there were exchanges of fire.

They heard the shots from outside and they stopped… The victims -were praying, no one had a weapon (this was a synagogue of rabbis in a religious neighborhood in West Jerusalem). The two of them went out of the door quickly towards the stairs…”

When told how the terrorists cut off the heads of two Jews at prayer, the father, a Druze Sheik, of the hero Druze-Israeli policeman responded “they have no G-d. In a holy place like this, they come in, these are people with no values, these are not good people.” (Source – Arutz 7)


So they shot, stabbed and chopped the Jews to pieces including CUTTING OFF THEIR HEADS.  BUT, destroying the family home of the terrorist might violate their civil rights and has been stopped by the Israeli Supreme Court…

The High Court for Justice has issued temporary orders preventing Israel from demolishing the homes of terrorists involved in the recent murderous attacks in Jerusalem – including the massacre at the Har Nof synagogue, the shooting (5 times) of Rabbi Yehuda Glick and the car terror attack at a Light Rail station (brutally murdering a 3 month old baby and a 20 year old Jewish convert from South America) three weeks ago.


The restraining order was issued Thursday after the families of the terrorists who massacred five people at the Har Nof synagogue filed a motion with the assistance of an Arab organization and an Israeli NGO called Hamoked, which lists the New Israel Fund and the Ford Foundation among its donors.

The plaintiffs say that destroying the families’ homes, when there is no proof that any of the relatives was involved in the terror attack, is improper.

Two dead muslim terrorist scum

Two dead muslim terrorist scum, if you believe God will reward you for commiting an act of Islamicide, killing of his own children your wrong. “Even According to true Islamic beliefs killing innocents will not bring you paradise. The Rabbis were no threat. Or if you just believe we just die and there is nothing after that than waist yourself as these guys did. The Rabbi’s were old, they were done breading. These scum were just youngsters who could of created thousands of descendants. Who really won??? The Rabbi’s won!!! No inbred abominations out of these two idiots.