CHILLING! The growing muslim threat to Switzerland. Yes, even Switzerland!

For now, while their numbers are relatively small, muslims are content to merely whine about not having “equal rights” – no rights to construct large minarets on mosques, no rights to wear muslim headbags, etc., etc. You know the drill. But once their numbers grow significantly (to 20% or more of the population) muslims will have all the rights but no one else will have any…unless they convert to Islam.


It’s what muslims do, everywhere they go. STOP ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION NOW and you won’t have worry about banning their so-called “rights” piecemeal!

On November the 29th, Switzerland 2009 held a referendum leading up to the ban of minarets within the country’s constitution.  A Niqab/headbag ban has subsequently been introduced by the voters of the southern canton Ticino. Discussions about headscarf bans for girls at schools, the rejection of an Islamic kindergarten in Zurich and a growing figure of bias cases on the job and housing market are putting pressure on Muslims.  The ban of Switzeland’s largest Islamic conference which was to take place on the 29th of November 2014 has angered the Islamic youth.

Lies lies, and more lies. Believe their words and end up dead. All we want is tolerance? Total obedience!