Isis Better known as Daesh Behead 18. Warning Graphic: Push View Original to see video!


How many of these men do you think ever believed they would end up in this situation? Like all of the readers out there they probably believe the chances are nil to none. But look into their eyes as they ponder the last moments of their lives! Thinking about what they should have done differently that would of changed their fate?

Do you believe you could ever end up in this situation? Don’t matter if your Muslim, Atheist, Satanist. No one is safe. Your not safe because our president is doing as little as possible to ” Protect the people of the United states”. They said it right when they compared ISIS to Cancer. This cancer is just like any other, it is spreading, and the only way to possibly live is to kill it.

If everyone started making Noise as I am doing, our “Representatives” would do something to…

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