MUSLIM thugs attack police with rocket launcher fireworks in the notorious Islamic NO-GO zone of Tower Hamlets in East London

 The Peaceful Religion of Islam!

UK Mirror  (h/t Susan K) The footage shows a large group gathering on a residential street in Tower Hamlets, East London, armed with large display-style fireworks. A police car is seen slowly driving towards them at about 1am after the alarm was raised. The gang waits until it is about 100 yards away before lighting up the fireworks and aiming them at the windscreen.

The patrol car disappears behind multi-coloured explosions. Another car parked nearby is also hit by fireworks as the driver tries to escape. After a few seconds one of the group advances towards the car and launches a rocket which hits the windscreen. The crowd retreats as the patrol car drives through the smoke towards them but is unable to pursue the youths down a narrow alley because of bollards.

The news comes after reports on Thursday that a gang in Scotland used “industrial strength” fireworks to attack a police station in Edinburgh. More than two dozen officers in riot gear were called out as a gang of 20 Muslim youths shot fireworks at the building.