PHEW! Australian Muslim convert claims “You CAN go to paradise even if you are killed by a woman”

Aussie Muslim hate preacher dismisses Islamic State (ISIS) fears of ‘virgin-less heaven’ if they are killed by Kurdish female fighters.


UK Daily Mail  Muslim preacher Robert ‘Musa’ Cerantonio has taken to the internet to post a string of new extremist messages assuring would-be Islamic State fighters that even if they are killed by a woman they will still go to paradise.

The self-styled ‘fake sheik’ from Melbourne, who has an online cult following, was deported from the Philippines in July and has been under close police surveillance since his return to Australia.


The 29-year-old has taken to his account to post his new rants in response to reports that ISIS fighters fear they will not meet 72 virgins in paradise if they are killed by Kurdish female fighters.

He said: ‘There is absolutely nothing in Islam which teaches that a person cannot go to Paradise if killed by a woman. 

Hommage au martyr

‘In fact the opposite is more likely to be true, that a person who is killed and dies as a martyr who fought for the sake of Allah is guaranteed a place in Paradise regardless of the gender of the one who kills him.’  He explains it is ‘well known’ Prophet Mohammed died after being poisoned by a woman. 

A picture of female Kurdish fighter only known as ‘Rehana’ went viral earlier this year after it was reported she had killed ‘scores’ of IS fighters. 


The photo of the young girl, wearing military gear and holding a gun, and showing a victory salute went viral, it was reported she had been beheaded by IS but the rumours turned out to be false.