ALABAMA voters overwhelmingly pass amendment to ban judges from considering sharia law in state courts


Not surprisingly, Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR is outraged! In yesterday’s Alabama election, one of the amendments on the ballot was whether or not to permanently ban sharia/foreign laws from being recognized in their state courts. By voting to amend their state Constitution, voters ensured that the possibility of Sharia Law being recognized in any of their courts would never happen.

MW News  Amendment One, like other similar measures around the country, appears to be the result of efforts by conservative groups to present Islam as an insidious, threatening force that Americans need to be protected from.


The amendment was sponsored by State Senator Gerald Allen. In 2011, he sponsored an earlier version of the law, the Sharia Law Amendment, which targeted Islamic law specifically. That provision was withdrawn, partly because a similar law in Oklahoma was found to be unconstitutional.

Although the new version of the law is more neutral in its language, the reasoning behind it is anything but. Conservative commentator Quinn Hillyer warned in the Birmingham News that the “consequences could be dire” if the amendment did not pass, because courts throughout the United States “actually had applied” Sharia law (see links at bottom). And the Birmingham-based lawyer Eric Johnston who worked with Allen to draft the amendment said in another interview with the same paper, one of the reasons for the amendment was to protect women whose “rights are compromised by Sharia rights if a lawyer in a custody case says, ‘Islam requires you to do this.’”


By quite a large margin, the amendment that was voted on was passed and will be added to the Alabama Constitution.

Statewide Amendment 1: Called “The American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment,” Amendment 1 relates to the application of foreign law during the legal process involving an Alabama citizen. Foreign law refers to the laws of other countries or cultures. Currently, judges or other legal authorities discern whether foreign law is applied. Amendment 1 would create constitutional protection that foreign law is not applied if it violates the guaranteed rights of Alabama citizens.


Predictably, the Islamic sharia proponents from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) were quick to post their outrage on Facebook, claiming that the amendment was racist:

“The reason is outright hostility to Muslims. Earlier versions of this legislation were clearly targeted specifically at Islamic law, although their proponents had no examples of any Alabama court enforcing Islamic law at all, let alone using it to violate anyone’s rights. Amendment One and its predecessors are copies of model legislation drafted by virulently racist anti-Islamic activists from outside Alabama.”


When did Islam become a race? Christians never scream racism when something doesn’t go there way, since race doesn’t apply to religious matters.

Rejecting Sharia Law has nothing to do with racism, as recognition of this doctrine would be in direct violation of the US Constitution and/or the Alabama Constitution. Additionally, Sharia doctrine would violate the civil rights of all non-Muslims, women and homosexuals.


Under Sharia Law, it is legal for husbands to stone their wives for adultery, and homosexuals can also be put to death for sodomy. Non-Muslims under Sharia Law are viewed as “infidels,” and any case brought before a court which recognizes Sharia Law would have to be viewed within the context of their religious beliefs. This means cases like the man in Oklahoma City who beheaded his co-worker would simply walk free because he would be protected by Sharia Law and therefore would not be subjected to the laws of this country.

Kudos for Alabama! It appears as though the gene pool in the south is heavily inundated with common sense! Now if we could get the rest of the nation on board to pass similar constitutional amendments to keep foreign laws from be allowed in our court rooms, that would be great!

Contrary to what Muslims and their leftist allies would have you believe, judges HAVE used sharia law in cases involving Muslims in America:


Florida Appeals court judge rules American courts can use sharia law

50 Cases in 23 states in which which Shariah-based legal conventions or decisions were brought to bear upon the case