OOPS! “Kiss Your Calories Goodbye” in Auschwitz says advertisement for Dubai Gym

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The founder of a Dubai-based fitness firm, The Circuit Factory, said he had ditched his marketing team after the company spurred outrage by using images of Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi concentration camp in an advertising campaign.

(He can blame the marketing team all he wants. As an advertising writer, I know that no design gets produced without client approval)

Arabian Business  The Circuit Factory was blasted by users on Twitter and Facebook after posting an image of the Auschwitz death camp with the slogan; ‘Kiss your calories goodbye.’

An estimated three million people were killed at the World War II concentration camp. The images were uploaded on the company’s Facebook page on Tuesday morning, but a number were later removed after a backlash erupted across social media sites. One user claimed to be “shocked@ the level of ignorance”.

“Apologies for the insane poster campaign that was put up this morning… If…

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