Horrified parents see Moroccan Muslim man cannibalize their little girl


Bare Naked Islam

A Moroccan man kidnapped a three-year-old girl, murdered her, wrested her heart out of her chest and cut the body into pieces before he started cooking the parts. Her parents who entered the killer’s house stood in horror watching him preparing their own daughter as his meal.

(Note to readers: The photo above is NOT an actual photo from this story but are used simply as a visualization of what went on here)

Emirates 247  (H/T Darrell K) Nov. 30, 2011: The girl went missing in the northern town of Tangier on Sunday, triggering a massive police manhunt. Her parents were told by a local resident that he had seen a man taking the child into his apartment.“The parents rushed to that flat in the hope they will find their daughter… when they were in, they were stunned… their daughter lay before their eyes cut into many pieces…

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