Call the exterminator, there’s a deadly new infestation in Jerusalem

Reminisent of isis?

Bare Naked Islam

Al-Qaeda vermin have been spotted in Jerusalem, the Jewish capital of Israel. Maybe now, Israel will do what they should have done in 1948 or 1967 – make Jerusalem Muslim-free.

DEBKA  Al Qaeda claimed to have established its first Jerusalem operational cell calling it the “Sunni Youth Movement Cell in Greater Jerusalem.” Bulletin No. 1 with details of the organization and its targets was promised in the next few days. According toDEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources, Israeli intelligence has advised the government and security services to treat the announced appearance of al Qaeda, and its aim to reach out from Jerusalem to the West Bank Judea-Samaria, very seriously.

They believe it may have been triggered by Palestinian plans to launch a “popular resistance” (Intifada) campaign from the West Bank Judea-Samaria. As disclosed earlier by DEBKAfile, the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah are getting set for mass demonstrators to crash their way across…

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